Norwex Mop Review: Is It Worth The Cost?

You know, Norwex is the most well-known mop brand. They make amazing mops with excellent features. The brand has many types of mop based on its features and functionality. Today, I’m going to review the 4 best Norwex mops that will help you to choose which Norex mop you should buy.

Honestly, I don’t like to clean but the Norwex mop is so handy and entices me to use clean every day. The mop is easy to use and cleans the floor very clearly. Kindly read our honest reviews of the Norwex mop.

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What Is A Norwex Mop?

Norwex Mop Review

A Norwex mop is a special mop that can clean your house and kill all the bacteria and germs by adding just water to the pad, they count on an amazing technology that allows them to make this possible.

They are also statically charged so they can attract any particle on the floor or any surface such as windows, walls, and ceilings.

The manufacturers offer a wide selection of products for you to buy, where you can see their famous pads, handles, and sets, which are eco-friendly because they make many of them with recycled materials, this brand takes care of the environment.

4 Best Norwex Mop Review

1. Norwex Microfiber Mop Set

Norwex Microfiber Mop Set

This is an amazing Norwex microfiber mop made by Norwex in a beautiful blue tone. It has an articulated handle, very ergonomic to take care of your back; it also counts with telescopic technology to adapt it to the perfect length for you to reach all the spaces you want, even ceilings and under furniture.

They made this with 100% microfiber, so this blue wet mop can clean every surface in your house, like walls and floors, with water only, removing 99.9% of dirt, dust, and germs.

After you use the mop, you can detach the pad from the base and hang it to dry. It is really important to say that you need not wash the pad every time you use it, wash it only if the front inch of the pad edge is getting dirty.

The pad is statically charged to attract efficiently all the particles on your floor, like dirt, hair, liquid, hair, and microparticles.


  • Large mop
  • Has wide span
  • Long-Lasting Service


  • Wet mops not well compared to dry mops.

2. Norwex Mini Mop Set

Norwex Mini Mop Set

Another magnificent creation of Norwex, this mop is made to clean small places such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, small bedrooms, etc. For superior cleaning use of this Norwex mini mop system, these are eco-friendly and can kill all germs, all bacteria in your home with only water.

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It comes with a telescopic system handle to adapt to your required length from 38.58 to 62.99 inches, a small mop base with the perfect size for small rooms with only 9.45 x 3.15 inches.

Two Norwex mop pads, one small dry mop pad with 13.39 x 5.91 inches to dry your floors after mopping and get them shinning, and one small wet mop pad with 12.6 x 5.51 inches that will let you clean all the floors and surfaces in your house with only water thanks to its amazing technology.

You can clean any surface with this set such as tile floors, hardwood floors, windows, and ceilings thanks to its static charge that will attract any dirt over them.


  • Perfect size for using bathroom
  • Easy to clean laminating floor
  • Works on tiles floor also


  • Price is high.

3. Norwex Superior Mop Set

Norwex Superior Mop Set

This Norwex mop system is marvelous for cleaning everything in your house or store. It will help you get all your surfaces clean and germ-free, so they are safer for your pets and children, with its amazing features, you will clean the entire floor with just one pad, saving time to do another activity in your home.

This one is the king of Norwex mop reviews. If you are looking to replace your standard mop with the heavy bucket, this is the perfect set for you, because you will only need water to get the pad wet and start to clean, yes, as you read it with just water you can clean everything and the best is that it kills any microorganism with its technology.

Norwex mop sizes in this set are the next ones; for the recycled large superior wet mop pad 20.47 x 5.91 inches as well as large superior dry mop pad of the same sizes. It also comes with a telescopic technology handle, which is adjustable from 38.58 to 62.99 inches to make you reach everything you want.


  • Suitable for big spaces.
  • Amazing technology to kill germs,
  • Eco-friendly


  • It can be enormous for some small rooms.

4. Norwex Microfiber Mop Set Including A Chenille Dry Pad

Norwex Microfiber Mop Set Including A Chenille Dry Pad

This Norwex floor mop set is one of the most popular among them because it comes with many features that everyone likes; you can enjoy its killing germs technology by only using water.

This set comes with a telescopic mop handle to adjust easily to the perfect length for you, a large mop base for their amazing large superior dry mop pad, and the large wet mop pad; these both are 20.47 x 5.91 inches so they fit perfectly in large rooms. They make these pads in 100% microfiber to attract all the particles and clean over any kind of surface such as tile, linoleum, vinyl, marble, ceramic, and hardwood.

This kit also comes with an amazing chenille dry pad which is pretty popular on Norwex mop reviews, this will clean any dirt, dust pet’s hair, and any other particle because it counts with a static charge that will attract anything to it, you can use it to clean any dry floor, walls, ceilings, and windows. Its sizes are 20.47 x 5.91 inches so it is perfect for any space.

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  • Clean floor thoroughly
  • Easy to use
  • Dry very quickly


  • It’s costly

Should You Buy The Norwex Mop System?

Yes, I highly recommend this amazing system because it will make your cleaning easier over any surface on floors, like tiles, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, marble, ceramic, walls, and ceilings.

It will surprise you how easy it is to clean with this system, which will disinfect your entire home or store just using water. Get the one in the perfect size for your spaces. You can find small and large sets to accomplish your needs.

How To Use The Norwex Mop

You can use the Norwex mop to clean everything you can imagine, just adding a bit of water and mopping solution to the wet pad, and it will kill all the bacteria and germs over your surfaces, or use the dry pad to sweep the dirt and dust as it is statically charged to attract every particle.

Follow the next Norwex mop tips to clean, move the pad in a figure-eight pattern to get the best results while cleaning how it is recommended by the producer, moving it back and front will difficult your cleaning.

After you use it, it will get a bit dirty, but you can always clean the mop. It is easy to detach the pad from the base and proceed with cleaning. You can use any detergent with warm water to do it. If you do not have success while cleaning it, you can always use the washing machine.

The manufacturer recommends that when you have been using the pad for a long time, you must wash it with Norwex ultra power plus detergent because it will not harm the microfiber. Do not use bleach. After washing it, go outside and hang it on to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Is Norwex Mop Worth It?

Yes, it is really worth it because you can clean your entire house with a durable mop which is made with the best materials, and you will only need water, you will save a lot of money on floor formulas and you will get the same results and level of disinfection with this microfiber pads.

Does Norwex Mop Disinfect?

Yes it does, Norwex has developed an amazing technology that allows you to disinfect every corner of your house with just water with any mop pad like the wet and dry ones that are made with recycled materials so they are eco-friendly.

Can You Use Vinegar With Norwex Mop?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean with Norwex pads but it is unnecessary since it will clean all your surfaces with just water. If you want to get more potency on your cleaning, you can always add some vinegar; but be careful because vinegar with its acidity can be harmful to some kind of floors like the one of natural stones.

Does Norwex kill Bacteria?

Yes, it does, the microfiber pads bring many active silver ions, which will inactivate bacteria functions leading them to die, and these ions can harm the enzymes and DNA from bacteria. In addition, it will trap the bacteria in the microfiber pad until you wash it so it is really effective.

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How Does E-Cloth Compared To Norwex?

E-cloth is another mop brand that has some similarities to Norwex, they both use microfiber to make it work, E-cloth offers many kinds of pad and clothes to their clients, Norwex has fewer options to choose.

Norwex dry pad is considered being better than the E-cloth one because it can attract any kind of materials to the microfiber and get then keep there, this can be particles of dirt, dust, hair, bacteria, germs, and any other microparticle, while the E-cloth one seems to just disperse the dirt and dust over the floor.

E-cloth is cheaper than Norwex, but Norwex products have a better quality and deserve to be a bit pricey. You will not be disappointed by making this invest, and you will save a lot of time by buying their amazing pads.

Norwex pads can clean and polish simultaneously while the E-cloth brand requires two cloths to make this possible, the cleaning cloth and the polishing cloth.

To get the same results as Norwex with E-cloth you will need to buy many cloths but you can always buy a unique Norwex pad and make of you cleaning a good experience.

How Does Norwex Clean Without Chemicals?

Yes it does, you will not need any detergent or chemical formula to clean with this set of pads, because with their technology is unnecessary, it comes with silver ions and static charge to clean every surface using none of this.

Why Should I Use Norwex Mop?

You should use it because you will save a lot of time on your cleaning sessions, for example, with the dry pad you can clean the entire house from dirt and dust in just minutes. It will get your surface bacteria-free so you can protect yourself and your family from any disease.

Are Norwex Mops Better Than Other Microfiber Mops?

Yes, they are because most of them does not count with the silver ion technology, this has been a revolutionary thing when you compare a Norwex mop before and after because they are now leading the mop market as they are the best ones that you can find to clean efficiently.

As you could see above Norwex mop reviews are amazing, in addition, its features are really amazing too, imagine you can clean saving time, and have beautiful and shimmering floors at the same time, all that you can achieve with a Norwex mop set.

Can you imagine what amazing would be if the fabricate a Norwex steam mop to complement their already fabulous features it would be without a doubt the best mop in the market.

Yes, the Norwex mops could look a bit pricey and are not affordable for some reduced budgets but they are really an amazing invest for all the reasons mentioned above and because you will contribute to the environment because they are made mostly with recycled materials.


I hope you liked the article of Norwex mop review. I tried my best to give you clear information to make the decision to buy the mop. Thanks for reading.