How to Clean Mop Head-Our Step by Step Guide

How to clean mop head

Mops are considered as one of the best tools when it comes to keeping floors tidy and spotless. Walking on the floor from time to time may lead to dirt and germs on the floors. Even the floor is swept and dusted frequently, mopping the floor is always the best way to clean the floors. In this article, you are going to learn how to clean  mop head.

A very common issue of concern about mopping the floor is its efficiency. If the mop is dirty, it will keep on moving the dirt around the house and clean nothing. On the other hand, if the mop is clean, all the filth and germs will be removed from the floor completely.

How to Clean a Mop Head-Both the Dry & Wet Mops

When a mop is properly cleaned, both the wet mops and dry mops can clean the floors effectively. A dirty, abandoned mop on the other hand spreads a lot of grime and germs more than it picks. Mops require cleaning in order to enable them working excellently. Appropriate rinsing, storing as well as deep cleaning of a mop will gives a reliable prolonged cleaning power.

After using a mop for three to four times, or whenever a mop starts to stink or smell strangely, it is advisable to clean the mop head. In case the mop head is detachable, it should be detached or rather taken off and tossed into the washing machine with one cup of white vinegar. One can also choose to wash his or her mop head in the top rack of his or her dishwasher. In any case one chooses to do it this way, a cup of white vinegar should be added instead of using the normal detergent. When using a dishwasher or a washing machine, hot water should be used. In case the mop head is not detachable, it can be washed by hand in a sink using a detergent and hot water.

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In case the mop head is cleaned through hand washing, the bucket in which the mop head is washed is first rinsed, the filled with hot water. Afterwards, a few drops of vinegar is added into the hot water as it helps to remove oil from the mop head. Afterwards, the mop is soaked in the vinegar solution for some few minutes before washing. After soaking the mop head for a few minutes, the mop head is washed in the solution and rinsed thoroughly until the water used in rinsing remains clear, without any dirt.

Ways of Cleaning Mop Heads

There are four ways of cleaning mop heads. These are as follows:

Step – 01

rinsing mop head

Rinsing the mop head after each and every use. Each time one is done using the mop, he or she should rinse the mop head using hot water, and rinse the mop until the water used in rinsing runs clear. After that, the mop head should be wringed out until all the water is removed. Afterwards, it should be allowed to dry in the sun, or where it gets enough air to allow it dry up. The mop should be allowed to dry completely before storing it. Storing the mop head while wet may bring a foul smell on the mop head.

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Step – 02

Soaking the mop in a cleaning solution after using it four times. The mop head will require a thorough cleaning after every three to four uses or in any case it starts producing a bad smell. The mop head should be disinfected by adding one cup or about two hundred and thirty seven milliliters of white vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide, or half a cup of bleach into a gallon, which equals 3.79 liters of hot water. Afterwards, allow the mop head to soak in that solution for about ten minutes.

mopping solution

After that, wring it thoroughly and allow it to dry. When using this method of cleaning a mop head, there are some precautions that are undertaken. One, bleach should not be used on sponge mops or synthetic mops as it may degrade the materials. Instead, vinegar or peroxide solutions used be used on those materials. Secondly, the mop should be allowed to dry in an area where there is good ventilation, away from children as well as pets too.

Step – 03

washing mop heads

Washing removable mop heads in a washing machine rather than soaking them. Some of the mop heads, for instance, those mop heads made of towels or cloth strips can be cleaned through the laundry.

The mop head is detached from its handle and the washed in hot water. Afterwards, the mop head is allowed to dry in the air. After it has dried completely, it is attached to the handle. In using this method, a few things may be considered.

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One, a cup of bleach should be added in the water used in washing the mop head in order to disinfect the mop head. Secondly, the mop head should be washed with the items that their getting beat up isn’t minded. Like those items that are not much valued or used. For instance, the rags used for cleaning or even the cleaning towels.

Step – 04

Rinsing the mop head in a dishwasher instead of washing the mop head in a washing Machine. Those Mops with detachable heads can as well be washed in the dishwasher. The mop head is first detached from the handle. Afterwards the mop head is placed on the top rack of an empty dishwasher. After that, a cup of white vinegar amounting to two hundred and thirty seven millilitres is added into the detergent dispenser. After doing that, the dishwasher is operated on a normal cycle. As soon as the cycle is over, the remaining water is squeezed out and the mop head is allowed to air dry before it is used.



In conclusion, it takes little time in order to clean a mop head. In regard to this, one should not waste his or her efforts in mopping the floor while leaving the mop head dirty. The mop head should be washed regularly after use. Always use a good mop which head can easily remove & wash. Cleaning the mop head can protect you from harmful germs and bacteria hence the need to keep it clean all the time.