How To Wash Spin Mop Head In Washing Machine

The mop is an amazing and essential tool to keep your floor clean and shiny. It can make our life easier. With this amazing object, you can clean your floors and get them beautiful and shiny.

However, It’s also important to clean your mop head and keep germs free. We will show you how to wash spin mop heads in the washing machine as this easy way to clean your mop head. Moreover, it’s very important to know proper cleaning and washing procedure.

You know there are many germs and bacteria on our floor. When we clean our floor by mop, then our mop head gets all dust, bacteria, germs, etc, and clean our floor. That’s why you will see mop head dirty after using.

So, we should know how to clean mop heads, how to store, and how maintenance. If we can keep our mop head clean, then we can be from germs, bacteria, and so on. Otherwise, dirty and unhygienic mop heads can spread diseases.

The Best Way To Wash Your Spin Mop Head At Home

How to wash spin mop head in washing machine

Many mops on the market come are made on microfiber, this material will allow you to remove all the dust and dirt over your floors while doing this they will get dirty so to use it again you will need to wash it to clean your floors the next time.

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There are many kinds of mops, one of them is the spin mop this one is a mop with rotates inside a bucket to clean and get it dry at the same time, the mop head can be detached from the mop to clean it using a washing machine or by hand.

We recommend you to wash your spin mop head in the washing machine to avoid that your hands make contact with bacteria and germs that can be in the mop after cleaning the floor, remove fetid smells on it when it is humid, and give you a marvelous result on your cleaning.

There are many spin mop heads; you must read their washing recommendations because some of them are not washable in a washing machine, after you make sure of that then you can follow the next steps.

Spin Mop Head Cleaning Process in Details

  • First, you need to detach the mop head from the rest of the mop by following the instructions that the producer provides you, some of them need to unclip the head, others detach by a twist on the head for example.
  • Then you should also check for the manufacturer’s information to know the recommendable cycle on the washing machine and add any detergent or liquid soap to the water in the machine. If you see that the spin mop head is very dirty, you can always use bleach to improve the disinfection.
  • Put the mop into the washing machine by itself to prevent that all the dirty go to another cloth while washing it, remember that mops can have many bacteria and germs over them after the cleaning.
  • Wait for some minutes so the wash machine cycle is over and take the mop head out of it, and check that it is perfectly clean, if not you can always repeat the cycle and add more soap or bleach to get better results.
  • After you get it absolutely clean, you need to dry it, for this go outside and use the spin system of the bucket that many times comes with it, or do it manually; if you do this, you will improve the durability of this magnificent tool and you will clean many more times.
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Most of the time, we don’t clean or wash the mop head after using it but keep it with dust. Now, you have known washing and cleaning mop head is not a difficult task. As you could read, how to wash spin mop head in the washing machine is a simple procedure, that you can do all on your own without inconveniences, try it out and maximize mop life. We hope our washing procedure helps you a lot to clean your mop head and keep your floor germs, bacteria-free.

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