Best Extendable Duster For High Ceilings (These 10 Are Long & Handy).

When it comes to cleaning high ceilings, nothing beats a duster. It’s quick and easy to clean high ceilings with a duster. But most extendable ceiling cleaners are not very effective. They just scrape the surface and miss the nooks and crannies where dirt accumulates.

Most duster manufacturers make great products, but none of them makes a really good extendable duster. In fact, many of them make very poor quality products.

I’ve tested dozens of extendable dusters over the past few years, and I’m going to share my top picks here. These are the best extendable dusters available today on Amazon today.

Top # 3 Pick!

  1. High Ceiling Dusting and Window Cleaning Kit with Telescopic PoleBest Choice
  2. Microfiber Duster Kit for High CeilingEditor’s Choice
  3. DocaPole 20 Foot Reach Dusting KitBest Overall

What is an extendable duster?

Best Extendable Duster For High Ceilings

Before we get into the details, let me explain what an extendable duster is. An extendable duster is simply a long handle that you can use to reach up high places like high ceilings or tall cabinets. 

The main advantage of an extendable duster versus a regular duster is that you don’t have to bend down to clean high areas. With an extendable duster, all you need to do is stand up straight and sweep the duster back and forth across the area you want to clean.

Types of extendable duster

There are different types of dusters based on their design and function. Some of these include:

The telescopic pole: This is a pole that features a telescopic rod. It can be extended and retracted to whatever length you desire. These poles are often cylindrical in shape.

The extendable wand: This is a rod that can be extended using a handle at its end. It can be extended and retracted easily. It is also adjustable to suit the length you want.

The long arm duster: This is a long stick with a duster head at one end and a handle at the other. You can use it to clean extremely high ceilings.

What to look for in extendable dusters?

When looking for an excellent extendable duster, you should consider its extensibility. You need to be able to extend it with ease. It should also have a locking mechanism that is sturdy and reliable, so you can lock the duster in place to prevent it from retracting while you are using it.

The duster’s head should also be a good size so that you can reach the entire surface of the ceiling when cleaning.

Reviews of some top-rated Extendable Dusters on Amazon

1. Extend A Rich 20 Foot Duster Kit with 5-12 ft Extension Pole

Extend A Rich 20 Foot Duster Kit with 5-12 ft Extension Pole

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This starter kit is the perfect solution for your dirty-reaching needs. So don’t worry about smears in high areas anymore; this kit will extend up to 20 feet (although it only retracted down to 5 when you’re done!). The universal clip can fit many cleaning tools, like duster brushes or fruit pickers, and the thumb release lever feels surprisingly easy in its good hands-on grips.

This is the perfect tool for people who are cleaning high ceilings or homes with towering vaulted spaces that need deep dusting. It also has a dusting head that is lightweight, so you will not be exhausted when cleaning.

The pole is made of fiberglass with steel reinforcement. It is robust and durable so that you can count on it in your cleaning sessions.

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2. DocaPole 20 Foot Dusting Kit

DocaPole 20 Foot Dusting Kit

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The DocaPoles are the perfect high-reach dusting solution for those hard-to-reach places that can’t be reached with your regular duster. This innovative grooming gear allows you to clean 20 feet of surface area in one easy movement! With three different replacement heads included in the kit, there is no need to worry about whether this product includes what it needs. You’ll have everything you need for thorough all-purpose cleaning on every wall, window sill, vanity mirror, and more.

The DocaPole’s telescopic pole is crafted with high-quality, durable, lightweight aluminum. You won’t be left feeling worn out or exhausted after your regular cleaning session with the DocaPole.

While the best duster might not be the most glamorous of tools, this one is sure to change your mind.

3. U.S. Duster Company Triple Action High Reach Dusting Kit 

U.S. Duster Company Triple Action High Reach Dusting Kit

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It doesn’t matter how high or how dusty your ceilings, the U.S. Duster Company triple Action High Reach Dusting Kit can take care of everything from a small high cabinet to a ceiling fan that’s almost out of reach. The bendable duster head easily adjusts to any angle, and the 2-piece extending wand with a locking telescoping pole locks securely in place for extended reach.

The product has a 13 to 20-foot extender handle and a multi-purpose duster with a soft, microfiber head that won’t leave swirl marks or abrasions on delicate surfaces. You can also use it for other cleaning tasks such as reaching cobwebs, bookcases, and tall ceilings.

4. Uppercut Microfiber Duster, with Extension Pole

Uppercut Microfiber Duster, with Extension Pole

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Whether you’ve got a sofa, furniture, or even the walls of your house covered in dust and hair, just whip out this fabulous duster with the extendable extra long pole! It’s excellent for clean-freaks who can’t be near any sort of filth without wanting to run screaming in the opposite direction.

Its 2m telescopic pole easily adjusts to a comfortable height, and the resilient microfiber head is excellent for getting into hard-to-reach areas.

It features new technology that splits all those microscopic strands into one big microfiber pad that provides more effective dusting. The soft rubber on top also prevents any scratches on surfaces while cleaning. After use, wash off the head with warm water and hang it somewhere dry until next time. Cleans up places ten times easier than before!

5. BOOMJOY Microfiber Feather Duster with Extendable Pole

BOOMJOY Microfiber Feather Duster with Extendable Pole

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BOOMJOY Microfiber Feather Duster with Extendable Pole cleans any surface from those hard-to-reach places, dusting those cobwebs and other hard-to-clean surfaces. This duster head is made of microfiber, making it easy to clean and won’t drop anytime soon.

Even if the duster head does dirty up a bit, you can just take a wet rag or washcloth and wipe it off for a fresh start. The 100″ extendable pole will be able to get anywhere there’s dust, putting your backs out of the misery anytime you need to reach anything high up or do some spotless jobs around your home.

6. Funsoo Microfiber Duster for Cleaning with Extension Pole

Funsoo Microfiber Duster for Cleaning with Extension Pole

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The Funsoo extendable microfiber duster with a stainless steel pole is perfect for cleaning blinds, ceilings, keyboards, and more. You’ll be able to clean without the hassle of climbing your ladder back down.

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This duster has a long telescoping pole that extends from 30 inches to 100 inches and can help you dust high places in your house easily. This duster makes it easy to clean those hard-to-reach spots like around doors or blinds with the bendable head! Moreover, both the head and microfiber cloths are washable.

The Microfiber material will keep you from worrying about scratching delicate surfaces as it won’t cause any surface damage or tarnish wood that may have been exposed to oil or moisture. With a bendable head that allows you to customize the angle of the duster, this incredible tool can tackle multiple household tasks in a pinch!

7. DELUX Microfiber Feather Duster

ELUX Microfiber Feather Duster

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The DELUX Microfiber Feather Duster will make dusting easy for anyone. A bendable duster head allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas with ease, with no dead ends in your house! The microfiber technology generates static electricity on its whiskers and makes it much easier to attract dust & hair while extending 100 inches long stainless steel telescopic pole.

Comes with a detachable and washable head, so when it’s time for a deep clean, you can wash it off in warm water without having to buy a whole new duster. This feather duster allows you to clean without worrying about scratching or damaging your surfaces. The pole is strong enough to tackle any task, thanks to the robust metal alloy construction.

8. Homiom microfiber ceiling fan duster and cleaner

Homiom microfiber ceiling fan duster and cleaner

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Wouldn’t it be nice to dust your ceiling fan without needing a ladder? With this innovative and easy-to-use rotating duster, you no longer need one! Its 54-inch extendable long duster allows you convenient dusting of hard-to-reach places while effectively removing dust, pollen, and other allergens.

It has an ergonomic design with a rubber grip for extra support and is applicable to any type of fan despite its height. Its versatility also makes it perfect for gently cleaning larger items such as louvers or vents too!

9. Opow 20 Foot High Reach Duster for Cleaning Kit

Opow 20 Foot High Reach Duster for Cleaning Kit

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Say goodbye to dust and cobwebs. Looking for a way to clean high surfaces without worrying about scratching your sensitive items? Then the Opow Cleaning Duster is the perfect solution! The pack includes four different cleaning brushes, so you’ll never have trouble reaching those hard-to-clean areas again.

The telescopic pole extends up to 20 feet, so you don’t have to worry about climbing ladders or chairs. The brush head is also very soft and will prevent damage to your furniture while ensuring it still gets the job done.

This product is excellent for cleaning ceilings, walls, corners, and other hard-to-reach areas. The pole is made of high-quality aluminum oxide with a protective coating, so it’s sturdy enough for tough jobs while still being gentle enough to protect sensitive items.

10. Swiffer 360 Duster Kit With Extendable handle

Swiffer 360 Duster Kit With Extendable handle

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Get on your hands and knees and scrub at those long-unseen crevices with the Duster Kit. The 360 duster features thousands of fluffy fibers that trap and lock up to 3X more dust particles than a feather duster! It’s as easy as wiping down your furniture then giving it some quick buffing, but you’ll know just how clean everything looks when there’s no dust storm cloud following you around anymore!

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Its ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and easy to use, extending up to 3 feet so you can clean the tops of door frames, shelves, and cabinets without getting down on your knees or worrying about things falling off.

How to use an extendable duster?

An extendable duster is pretty simple to use. Simply place it at the desired length, lock it in place and start dusting. You can move it around along the ceiling as you clean. You will be surprised at how much time you save with this appliance!

Here is a video that will help you learn more about this appliance:

What are the benefits of using an extendable duster?

  • An extendable duster is a great way to save time and is especially useful for cleaning high ceilings or areas that are difficult to reach with a regular dusting mop.
  • Using this appliance is also safer as you do not need to climb a ladder or hold onto a rod with one hand while cleaning the ceiling.
  • It is environmentally friendly because you will reduce your carbon footprint over time. You will also save water as you do not need to keep rinsing the mop every few minutes.
  • Extendable dusters are pretty affordable and will save you money in the long run.
  • It is also helpful for people with medical conditions such as the elderly, arthritis, and rheumatism, as it can help them clean high areas without having to exert a lot of effort.


Can I use an extendable duster to clean the floor?

An extendable duster is primarily designed for cleaning ceilings. It can also be used for cleaning other surfaces such as walls and tables, but it is not very efficient. The handle might get in the way and prevent you from cleaning correctly.

Can I use an extendable duster with a mop?

Yes. You can use extendable dusters with a microfiber mop for effective deep cleaning your wall, ceiling, or other surfaces. Just attach the mop head to the duster, and you are ready to clean. The mop will soak up so much of the dirt that you will be amazed.

You can also use the attached mop to clean windows, walls, and ceilings if you wish to!

Can I use an extendable duster to clean my car?

Yes. You can also use an extendable duster to clean your car. Just attach a mop head, and you are ready to go! Some duster kits come with special attachments that can help you clean your car’s upholstery.

Can I use an extendable duster to clean my window?

Yes. You can use an extendable duster to clean your windows because it will help you reach the far corners. It is handy for cleaning the high corners of large windows. You can also use it to clean window screens, blinds, and other window fixtures.

Final thoughts

So, for the best results in household cleaning, use an extendable duster. This tool saves both time and effort when doing something so mundane, like cleaning the house. The best part about it is that these items are affordable and make your life easier.

If you need a quick and easy way to keep your house clean, consider buying one of these products. You will not be disappointed.

Good luck!