How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner – Step By Step Guide

Today, you are going to learn how to use a vacuum cleaner. It’s really important to know the proper way to use a vacuum cleaner

It is said that “Cleanliness is Godliness”, which emphasizes the importance of a clean home. A clean home reduces the stress levels of the family. With a clean home, you don’t need to worry about any kind of germs.

Clean homes are safe for kids and the elderly. The best way to keep your home clean is by using a vacuum cleaner. Brooms and mops cannot reach a lot of places in the house or clean up various kinds of dirt effectively.

This makes vacuum cleaners another most essential appliance for your home to protect you from germs. In this article, we will discuss how to use a vacuum cleaner at your home.

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How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important appliances for your home along with a broom and a mop as it is more effective than them in cleaning up different kinds of dirt in different places in your house.

There are some specific methods to use them in a proper manner which will keep you and your family safe from dirt and germs which may accumulate in your room due to irregular cleaning. However, it is also necessary to learn the proper way to use the vacuum cleaner.

You must learn about how to use a vacuum cleaner well so that your house is protected from even a speck of dirt. The major steps which you should follow in order to use a vacuum cleaner are:

Step 1

Most of the older models have a bag which is very important to collect the accumulated dust. The dust accumulation is done in this bag. This bag must be cleaned of the accumulated dust on a regular basis. The newer models have a removable pouch that is synthetic.

It can accumulate the dirt quite efficiently and is removable. If this is not done regularly, the vacuum cleaner cannot pick up the dust as efficiently as before.

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Step 2

You must adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner according to your need.

The vacuum cleaners of today are very efficient in understanding the preferences of the customer. The user just needs to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner which if too high can harm its suction power.

If the vacuum cleaner is low, it can reduce the airflow of the device.

Step 3

You can easily clean your room with the vacuum cleaner which can be used under the Ottomans and the tables as well. But it will work if small objects are removed from their way.

The vacuum cleaner cannot suffer the stress of continuous friction from the objects in its way. Even the hardest of the vacuum cleaners cannot be used properly if there are objects in their way.

Step 4

Now, it is the time for the most important step of how to use a vacuum cleaner which is the turning on of the vacuum cleaner. You need to switch on the vacuum cleaner and move it backward and forwards slowly on your carpet. The carpet furs will be efficiently cleaned with the vacuum cleaner.

You must move the vacuum cleaner slowly and gradually on the carpet. Heavy carpets will need regular cleaning. If you move the vacuum cleaner too quickly, it won’t suck up the dust on your carpet effectively.

Step 5

The attachments of the vacuum cleaner must be changed in order to suit your needs. This is because different kinds of attachments are designed to clean different areas of a room effectively. For example, the simple hose with adjustable ends can clean the corners of the room very easily.

The adjustments can be done in order to allow easy airflow into the vacuum cleaner as well. The newly-cleaned area will not receive dust from the accumulated dust in the bag if the adjustments are done properly.

The above-mentioned steps on how to use a vacuum cleaner must be followed while using it in order to make sure that it works efficiently. The vacuum cleaner will require different types of head stoppers which can be used on different types of surfaces as well.

It can be assumed that every place in your home will not be covered up with carpet. The cleaning up will require different types of head stoppers. Those are described in the next section of the article.

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Types Of Vacuum Cleaner Heads

1. Universal Carpet & Hard Floor Head

A retractable brush is used to clean up the universal carpet and hard floors of a house. The retractable brush is very important and it comes with a particular type of hard head for a brush in order to clean the universal carpet and the hard floors of your house.

2. Deluxe Universal Carpet Head

This kind of head brush for the carpet can help to clean the deluxe and the universal types of carpet designs. It is a very fine type of brush head which can be used in order to help with the cleaning of the fancy and luxurious carpets.

It has a large rear roller which can be adjusted with the help of the pivot neck. This can help to clean the plushiest and most luxurious of the carpets.

3. Universal Carpet Head

The universal carpet head can be used to clean every type of carpet available in the market. The universal carpet head is a very strong and hard type of brush that can be adjusted in order to be used on any kind of carpet easily.

4. ‘Gulper’ Multi-Surface Vacuum Head

The gulper multi-surface vacuum head can help to clean different types of carpet surfaces easily. It is essential that the multi-surface vacuum head is used in the right type of combination in order to gain the expected results. The multi-surface vacuum head is one of the best options for the vacuum cleaner.

5. Dust Up Dry Mop Head

The dust-up dry mop head is very sensitive in nature. It must be used on dry surfaces only which can make sure that the mop head is secure enough to function the next time. The dry mop must be used rarely and with the other adjustable parts in order to clean up the fanciest of the carpets.

These are some of the best options for the vacuum heads for a vacuum cleaner. All of these excellent options for regular use in households. These are the products that can help you to use the vacuum cleaner on different kinds of surfaces.

Every carpet is different and you must keep the above-mentioned points in mind and use the right kind of head for different surfaces. The vacuum heads must be used carefully in order to make sure that the vacuum cleaner runs for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Advantages Of A Vacuum Cleaner?

There are several benefits of owning a vacuum cleaner rather than cleaning your room manually. The manual cleaning of your room can be very hectic and it will not be up to the mark.

The manual cleaning will require a huge amount of work which cannot be done by a single person easily. A vacuum cleaner will make your work easy around the house and in case you have a busy schedule, you can easily utilize a vacuum cleaner which will clean your room flawlessly.

It will free up a lot of time for you which would have otherwise been spent on cleaning your house manually.

2. Are Vacuum Filters Washable?

There are certain parts of a vacuum cleaner that can be washed or filtered from time to time. There is a certain dust filter present in a vacuum cleaner that can be washed in order to get rid of the dust which accumulates within it.

The disposable or reusable bags are a part of today’s vacuum cleaners. The bags of the vacuum cleaner must be cleaned regularly. This is done mostly by washing the bags that are reusable.

The ones which cannot be used again must be disposed of as these are the types of vacuum cleaner bags that cannot be washed.

3. Where Should I Keep My Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner must be kept at a place where you can access all the necessary items related to the cleaner. The best way is to hang it on a hook in your storeroom where you can make sure that your reusable or disposable bag can be kept as well.

The storeroom is a perfect place for you to keep a vacuum cleaner. It will be the best way to access it and it will not take up much space as well.


You must make sure that the vacuum cleaner is maintained well within your household. It must be handled with care and the person who is using this appliance must know exactly how to use it. This article can be useful for you to understand which the best ways to manage a vacuum cleaner are and what could be its possible advantages.

So, don’t wait. Clean up your house and then, clean up your vacuum cleaner as well to get rid of every speck of dirt and germ in your house.