Dyson Vacuum Bed Bugs? Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs for Good!

Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States and can be difficult to get rid of. Dyson has developed a vacuum that is specifically designed to kill bed bugs.

Dyson has been in the market for a vacuum cleaner that can be used on hard floors for a while now. They finally released their Dyson vacuum bed bug vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for people who have to clean areas that are not easily accessible, such as the underside of beds and couches. This vacuum cleaner is able to get into those tight spaces and remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may be embedded there.

Dyson Vacuum Bed Bugs

In this article, we will talk about the Dyson V8 Cord-free Vacuum cleaner and why it is such a great product for killing and cleaning bed bugs.

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What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on the blood of humans and other animals. They are responsible for a lot of problems, such as anxiety and itching. They are also known for being spread by people who travel, as well as those who have bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can live up to one year without a blood meal and may survive several weeks or months without food or water.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs?

The main way to get rid of bed bugs is to use an insecticide spray, which is sprayed around the affected area.

A vacuum cleaner comes in handy when spraying a chemical spray is not possible. A vacuum cleaner can be used on the bed bug-infested areas, as well as other places that are hard to reach.

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There are a few other methods and products that can also be used to get rid of bed bugs. They include:

Chemicals: Chemical sprays are the most common method for getting rid of bed bugs. They work well, but they can cause some serious damage and health issues.

Insecticide: This is an effective method of getting rid of bed bugs. However, it can be dangerous if misused or not used correctly. It is a good idea to hire a professional exterminator to do this job.

Heat: Heat will kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

Other tools and products: Other tools that are commonly used for getting rid of bed bugs include vacuums, cleaning equipment, heaters, steam cleaners, and sprays.

Why do bed bugs grow in home and where they hide?

Bed bugs are pest species that can live in and around human homes. They attack humans, but they also feed on mammals, birds, fish, and even reptiles. Bed bugs do not just live in one specific place, but instead spread from one home to another. It is not just the home that can be infested with bed bugs.

They can be found in furniture, clothing, etc. When they first invade a home, they will lay their eggs there, and as time passes, they will spread to other parts of the house. Bed bugs can be found under mattresses, in bed frames, and even inside wall voids.

How Does The Dyson V8 Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner Work To Remove Bed Bugs?

The Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner uses a combination of two powerful technologies. The first is a cyclonic technology that separates dust from the air. This feature, combined with a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter, provides a powerful clean. The second technology is the V8 motor and 4-pole design, which help to remove dust more effectively and efficiently.

The powerful suction abilities of the vacuum cleaner are also a great help. The cyclonic technology and the motor’s ability to rotate 360 degrees make it possible to effectively clean any part of the home in no time.

Bed bugs and dust mites are no longer a problem with the V8, as it has been specially designed to effectively remove these insects. The V8 vacuum cleaner is ideal for people who have pets, as it has an anti-allergen motor and HEPA filter, which prevent the spread of dust mites. The V8 is also ideal for people who want to keep the air clean in their homes.

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How to effectively clean your bed mattress with the V8 vacuum cleaner?

Dyson V-8 is a handy and powerful vacuum cleaner. The V8 has a powerful suction that can reach the deepest and hidden places in your home. The V8 is also very easy to use. It has three basic modes: high suction, low suction, and soft suction.

The V8 has a powerful suction that can reach the deepest and hidden places in your home. Here are some tips on how you can effectively clean your mattress with the V8 vacuum cleaner.

1). When you clean the mattress using a vacuum cleaner, first run your fingers over the mattress. This will help to identify any dirt or dust that might be stuck in between the fibers of the mattress.

2). The next step is to remove the bedspread and use your vacuum cleaner with a hose. This will help you to suck up all the dust, dirt, and debris that is stuck in between the mattress. 

3). If any visible bugs are still stuck in your mattress, you need to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush. You can get rid of the bugs and any other dirt that is trapped in between the fibers of your mattress. You should also use this brush when cleaning the pillow area and the mattress cover.

4). Make sure to inspect the mattress after every 3 months. This will help you to identify any dirt or dust that is stuck in between the mattress fibers. Over time, this can make your mattress very uncomfortable and can cause severe health problems.

5). You need to wash your mattress cover at least once a month. If you notice any stains or dirt on your mattress, you should wash the cover immediately. This can help you to prevent any bugs, mold, or mildew from growing on your mattress.


Is Dyson good for bed bugs?

Dyson is an excellent choice for bedbug control. It has a powerful motor that can remove all dirt and lint from your mattress very quickly. The machine is also very easy to clean and maintain, which makes it ideal for bedbug control.

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Can bed bugs survive being vacuumed?

Bed bugs are not very resilient to heat and vacuums. However, you can use a Dyson DC35 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum to help you control bed bugs better than other methods of control.

Can I use Dyson vacuum on bed?

Absolutely! Dyson vacuum is an excellent choice for bedbug control. Dyson V8 is a powerful vacuum that can remove all dirt, dust, and other allergens from your mattress. It has a unique design that helps it to pick up everything on the surface of your bed.

Can bed bugs hide in vacuums’ hoses?

Yes! Bed bugs love to hide inside vacuum hoses. You should make sure that after vacuuming, you clean the dust container in your vacuum. You can also vacuum the hoses to remove bed bugs.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

The best way to kill bed bugs instantly is with heat treatment. Heat treatment is the most effective and efficient method of killing bed bugs. It works very fast, and it can kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including eggs and nymphs.

How often should I vacuum after bed bug treatment?

If you do any type of bed bug treatment, vacuum the treated area within 24 hours. Vacuuming after heat treatment is not necessary, but it will help remove dead bed bugs.

How do I know if the bed bugs are gone?

Bed bugs will only leave your home if they are killed. You can also kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle with heat treatment. The easiest way to tell that all bed bugs have died is if you see no signs of their presence.


Bed bug infestations are not just a nuisance, they are a serious health issue that can cause many diseases and lead to severe allergic reactions. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, it is important to take action immediately.

If you are struggling with a bed bug infestation, the Dyson V8 vacuum may be a good option for you. Surely, you will not regret your purchase.