Top #5 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Jute Rug in 2023

Jute rugs are very durable, but they also require regular cleaning. If you don’t want to spend hours vacuuming every week, then you should consider investing in a vacuum cleaner that can clean jute rugs effectively. Jute rugs come in various sizes and colors. They are usually woven from natural fibers such as jute. These rugs are often used in homes because they are extremely durable and resistant to stains.

Many people think those vacuum cleaners are designed to clean jute rugs. However, this is not always true. Some vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to clean jute rugs. This is because jute is a popular flooring material. It is also soft and has a lot of wrinkles. This means that dirty jute rugs and dust particles will often get stuck in the crevices, making them difficult to clean. So if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can clean jute rugs effectively, look no further than this article. 

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  1. BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner – Best Choice
  2. Soniclean Soft Jute Rug Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Editor’s Choice
  3. Eureka NEU522 Jute Rug vacuum
  4. Oreck Commercial U2000RB jute rug vacuum
  5. Kenmore Jute Rug Vacuum Cleaner
Best Vacuum Cleaner for Jute Rug

The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Jute Rug: Reviews & Guide

1.BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning jute rug, traditional vacuums are either messy or not strong enough.You need a vacuum that cleans both the surface and the dirt at the same time, without you having to change any of the suction settings!

The Bissell Crosswave vacuum has two tanks that work together to clean your jute rug. The clean tank is for your suction needs that are gentle on your jute rug, and the dirty tank is for the dirt and grime that the vacuum picks up. This way you’ll never have to worry about dirty water or dry debris.

The Vacuum provides a powerful and effective clean of your jute rugs, carpets, and hard floors. This vacuum has a dual-action brush roll that simultaneously cleans and mops your carpets and floor.

The innovative microfiber and nylon brush rotates at 3000 RPM for maximum effectiveness and the floor sits just below the lower edge of the vacuum that lifts and ejects mess directly into the dirt bin.

The vacuum also comes with a lightweight design for maximum effectiveness. It is easy to store, the design allows the user to toggle between hard surfaces and jute rug.

It features a wet or dry feature depending on the customer’s needs. With the Docking Tray, spills are handled immediately, and stains are removed through the Multi-Surface Formula. It is easy to clean the Bissell Crosswave by removing the small tanks. It also offers an 8oz Multi-Surface Formula for spills.

Check Bissell Crosswave review video below.

2. Soniclean Soft Jute Rug Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Soniclean Soft Jute Rug Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Soniclean soft style jute rug vacuum was developed with the leading global manufacturer of premium jute rugs, a sisal rugs, and carpets. If you can’t afford it, or you don’t want to buy the high-quality built-in vacuum cleaner product, this is the perfect alternative for you, especially if you have a short carpet with pile lengths of less than one inch. This cleaner will clean less than 3 square inches of carpet at an amazing time to help you keep your home or office clean. 

Soniclean soft jute rug Vacuum is the only vacuum out there with patented sonic carpet and jute rug cleaning technology. You do not need to use harsh chemicals or move the furniture, go over the same spot over and over. The gentle power of Sonic technology does all of this for you.

There is no need to push because the Sonic Carpet cleaning bar on the bottom produces 200 vibrations per second of Sonic energy that not just dislodges deep-set dirt and particles but also eliminates creases and wrinkles, leaving your carpets looking new and softer.

This rug vacuum is easy to use and lightweight. The vacuum includes a hospital-grade H13 HEPA filtration system which captures particles down to 0.3-micron size. The vacuum is perfect for those wanting to focus on cleaning rather than carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner.

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3. Eureka NEU522 Jute Rug vacuum

Eureka NEU522 Jute Rug vacuum

The Eureka NEU522 jute rug vacuum is a professional home vacuum cleaner made to clean carpets and jute rugs with impressive speed and ease. This vacuum cleaner is easy to move thanks to the swivel steering and easy-glide wheels as well as an automatic height adjustment that adjusts to clean either low or high carpets.

The vacuum power and durability are guaranteed by a powerful motor and long cord length for entire-home cleaning. It’s never been so easy to clean with the jute rug vacuum! The automatic nozzle height adjustment allows you to move seamlessly between flooring types without constantly having to bend over and manually adjust. You can even turn the brush roll on or off, depending on how deep you want to clean. It is also one of the most economical vacuums now available.

The vacuum has an amazing filtration system for multi-stage cyclone separation. The multi-stage filtration process traps large and small particles, ensuring you get the cleanest air. HEPA filtration then traps 97% of dust and dirt while leaving that air clean and tidy. 

The eureka vacuum is a time saver with its one-click easy-empty dust cup. Whether you’re vacuuming jute rugs, hardwood floors, hardwood furniture, hardwood rugs, or any other surface that could get messy, this vacuum has its handy dust cup release for all your easy-to-empty needs. Keep surfaces clean from common household dirt with this efficient vacuum that guarantees efficient power with its rotating turbo brush. 

4. Oreck Commercial U2000RB jute rug vacuum

Oreck Commercial U2000RB jute rug vacuum

The Oreck U2000RB-1 upright vacuum cleaner with an Endurolife belt is a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner offers all the power and performance you would expect from an Oreck.

The vacuum also allows you to clean various surfaces with manual adjustments, which is crucial for your specific application. The Oreck commercial jute rug vacuum is specifically designed for all surfaces, including jute rug, carpet, wood, laminate, and tile. The vacuum is versatile and can fit easily under most furniture, clothes racks, chairs, desks, closets, and cabinets.  Vacuum cleaners are an essential tool in any home.

Its weight is optimized for commercial spaces, making it lightweight and easy to clean. Its 12’x12’ size is great for shops dealing in large amounts of traffic. Being under 9 pounds, the rug is also lightweight, making it easy to put in place. 

This vacuum is from the Oreck Commercial series. The rug has a Micro sweep feature that allows you to switch from carpet, jute rug to bare floors with no adjustment coming from the wheel or from the power consumption.

It also comes with a 630 cubic inch bag that fills up with two puffs to near maximum capacity. The design has a 1-year commercial warranty as well as a 1-year belt warranty. The Oreck Commercial jute rug should be to anyone needing a rug that can hold up over time.

5. Kenmore Jute Rug Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore Jute Rug Vacuum Cleaner

When it’s time to give your carpets a deep clean, Kenmore Jute Rug Vacuum makes the job easy. As a lightweight, maneuverable upright with a bagless design, this vacuum features a brush roll to run over-wet carpets and trap dirt, debris and smells from deep within the fibers. Strong suction lifts messes from dirt, soil, and debris from surfaces and carpets alike for a thorough clean.

This vacuum is lightweight, which is good for the light, don’t put it down the type of person. A whopping 14 pounds, this vacuum can hog dirt. Never Clean BrushRoll has automatic brush rollers to retrieve long hair which is hard to clean. This vacuum leaves no dirt or hair or any pet’s confetti behind as it is one of the best vacuum cleaners for long hair also.

The Kenmore jute rug vacuum will help you to suck up dirt and dust with less fuss and more effortlessly than ever before. The bag and the design make this a perfect option for those who don’t want to handle a traditional vacuum with direct contact.  Its self-sealing bags keep your home environment clean and do not get your hands dirty. It’s durable and reusable.

This vacuum is perfect for those with allergies as it’s bagless and double-walled! The bagless factor means you won’t need to empty the bag as often and the double-wall design ensures that your vacuum will last and maintain power through each use!

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It features an advanced HEPA filter system that can trap 99% of dust, making it a great way to clean the area. It also is very quiet which makes it a great option for those with pets or small children as it will not disturb those around you. The side brushes also help to sweep up the dirt, making the task a lot easier.

Tips About Vacuuming Jute Rug

Cleaning is not as difficult as it looks; it’s actually pretty straightforward. With the right approach, you should not face any issues. Vacuuming is even easier than cleaning as you don’t need to wet your hands. You’ll need to vacuum daily to keep your jute rug in tip-top shape.

Also, you should not use the vacuum on the rug with the beater bar turned on, as the bar will cause accumulation of residue on the rug and this will not be good for the rug or vacuum. You can vacuum with the beater bar off or use a hand-held vacuum and brush.

Here are some helpful tips that you can follow:

  1. Use a soft bristle brush rather than a hard bristled brush. A soft bristle brush is gentler on the surface of the rug.
  2. Keep the beater bar off during the vacuuming process.
  3. Make sure to remove all the dust before vacuuming.
  4. Don’t vacuum too frequently. Once a week is enough.
  5. Use a damp cloth to wipe up spills.
  6. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.
  7. Do not leave the vacuum unattended while operating it. Always have someone else nearby.
  8. When vacuuming, make sure to turn the machine upside down so that the suction power doesn’t pull up the rug.
  9. Never use the vacuum cleaner on the rug with the motor running.
  10. Make sure to dry the rug after vacuuming.

How To Clean A Jute Rug

You should always keep cleaning your jute rug. Here are some methods we mentioned. We hope it will help you.

1. Vacuum Your Jute Rug Regularly: The first thing you should know about cleaning a jute rug is that you must vacuum it regularly. The more you vacuum, the better your chances of getting rid of the dirt and grime.

2. Remove All Stains Before Vacuuming: If you want to get rid of stubborn stains from your rug, you’ll need to remove them before vacuuming. For instance, if there’s a spill on your rug, you’ll need to blot it up immediately to prevent it from spreading further.

3. Spot Treat Spills Immediately: If you spot treat a stain immediately, you’ll be able to remove most of the dirt and grime. Simply dabbing the area with water won’t work; you’ll need something stronger like hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

4. Blot Up Pet Droppings: Pet droppings are one of the worst things for a jute rug. They tend to attract dirt and grime quickly, which makes them harder to clean. It’s always best to remove pet waste as soon as you notice it.

5. Wipe Down Furniture After Vacuuming: After you’ve cleaned your rug, it’s important to also clean up furniture around it. If you don’t, then you could end up with a dirty carpet and a dirty rug.

6. Change Out Your Bag Often: It’s important to change out your bag every few months. This way, you’ll avoid having to wash the same bag over and over again.

7. Dry Your Rugs Properly: You should never put a wet rug in direct sunlight. Instead, hang it up to dry naturally.

8. Get Rid Of Dust Mites: Dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

9. Deep Steam Cleaning Is Best: Deep steam cleaning is the best method for cleaning a jute rug. In this type of cleaning, you’ll use hot water to loosen any embedded dirt and grime. Then, you’ll rinse away the dirt and grime with cold water.

10. Use Natural Products: Using natural products when cleaning your jute rug will help preserve its beauty. There are many great options available for cleaning your rug, including baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, dish soap, and even salt.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Are jute rugs bad for allergies?

Yes, jute rugs are known to cause allergic reactions in some people. It’s important to keep your home free of these types of materials. If you do have an allergy to jute rugs, it’s advisable to wear gloves and a mask when cleaning them.

2. Are jute rugs OK with dogs?

Yes, jute rugs are totally safe for our furry friends like dogs, on the condition that you clean them regularly. Jute rugs are some of the best natural eco-friendly alternatives, made from the fibers of the jute plant.
They are easily cleaned and are perfect for pets. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals. On the other hand, they are also coarse and can scratch the floors. However, make sure that you vacuum the rug regularly – this will help keep it looking clean and new.

3. Can you use a Roomba on a jute rug?

It is a very good question. The simplest answer is yes. The Roomba 650 does not have an adequate brush enough to pull up a rug when moving over the rug. Now a Roomba 770 has more power and can be used to clean up the dust and dirt on the rug. If you can afford the Roomba 770, you should definitely buy it. Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner with a dustbin to vacuum up the dust and dirt on the rug.

4. Can a sisal rug be vacuumed?

Yes, you can vacuum your sisal rug. The main concern you have to look out for is the fringe on the surface of the rug. You must take care not to damage the rug during the cleaning process. To vacuum a sisal rug all you need is a crevice attachment on a vacuum. There is no need to buy anything expensive.

5. Can you vacuum a jute rug?

Yes, you can vacuum a jute rug. The process is simple, and all you need is a crease attachment or a crevice tool to remove the dust and dirt from the rug. Don’t forget to vacuum the entire rug thoroughly – this will help to ensure that the rug remains clean and free of dirt and dust. Additionally, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any pieces of dust that may have built up.

6. How often should I vacuum my jute rug?

As mentioned earlier, it is important to vacuum your rug regularly. Ideally, you should vacuum it once every week. If possible, try to vacuum it twice a month.

7. How long does it take to dry a jute rug? 

The drying time depends on how many times you have washed the rug. If you have done regular washing, then it will take about 2 weeks to dry completely. But if you haven’t washed it for quite a while, then it may take longer. The cleaning time depends on the amount of dirt and dust present on the rug. If there is less dirt and dust, then it will take much lesser time to clean.

8. How do you deep clean a jute rug?

To deep clean a jute carpet, firstly, you must wash it using warm water and detergent. Then, you must soak the rug in hot water for at least 30 minutes. After soaking, you must scrub the rug using a sponge and mild soap. Finally, rinse the rug well with fresh water.

10. Is a steam mop suitable for jute rugs? 

A steam mop is an ideal choice for cleaning jute rugs. It works by releasing steam into the air. This helps loosen the dirt and grime stuck to the rug. Steam mops are easy to operate and require little maintenance. However, they are not recommended for heavy-duty cleaning.

Final Verdict: Best Vacuum Cleaner for Jute Rug

The jute rug is very sensitive as it is made of natural fiber. So, you should not clean as usual. You need to follow the instructions and use a vacuum cleaner that is specially made for jute rugs or carpets. All the vacuum cleaners mentioned above are great for cleaning jute rugs.