Mr. Clean(446840) Magic Eraser Roller Mop Reviews

When you think of a mop, do you think of the old-fashioned kind that makes sound and doesn’t let you clean your floor properly?

Well, now it will be different. This Magic Eraser 446840 is a roller mop that cleans just as well as it looks!
This revolutionary cleaning system has been designed by Mr. Clean – a company that truly understands what it means to make life easier. Mr. Clean is a household name in the cleaning industry and their products are top-rated for their effectiveness and ease of use.

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Mr Clean Magic Eraser Roller Mop Review

The Mr. clean(446840) magic eraser can be used to clean any hard surface in your home or office with one simple swipe of the mop head across the surface. The magic eraser roller mop is an innovative product that makes cleaning your floors easier than ever before! Read on for more information about this revolutionary product and how well it works.


  • Magic eraser deep penetrating power cleans tough dirt and grime.
  • No need to rinse, just wipe away the dirt!
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort while cleaning.
  • Safe for use on vinyl, tile marble, stone, and more!
  • Swivel steering makes it easy to reach tight spaces around corners and under furniture.
  • Roller head can be removed and used as a grout brush for removing dirt from crevices!
  • Super easy to assemble – no extra tools are required, just snap on the handle and away you go!
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Mr. Clean(446840) Magic Eraser Roller Mop

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How does it work?

Mr. magic clean eraser works on nearly every hard surface, including; glass, stainless steel, marble, ceramic tile and more. It quickly cleans surfaces without the need for chemicals or harsh scrubbing!

No chemical or cleaning agents are used – all you need is water to activate the magic eraser power! Simply wet the sponge with water and watch it work its magic. It is highly absorbent so that it works like an eraser to remove dirt and grime.


  •  It is safe for kids because it is made from non-toxic materials.
  •  It is reusable and can be used again, and again!
  • A roller mop head that cleans without the hassle of making a loud noise.
  • This mop head is super absorbent which deep cleans all surfaces in your home quickly and effortlessly.


  • The Mr. Clean magic cleaner eraser mop is slightly expensive than other roller mops.
  • It does not readily remove dried-on, baked-on stains. It must be used wet for it to work its magic.
  • Some users have reported that the sponge part of the cleaner eraser will come off while they are cleaning and, therefore, makes it difficult to continue using this device, which reduces its effectiveness.

How to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Roller Mop?

This roller mop is very easy to use , simple wet and twist to activate and clean as you would any other mop.

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Do not let the sponge dry out between uses; it must be wet, Using a bucket of water on your floor is recommended by Mr. Clean.

Why this mop must-have for any household?

This cleaning mop is a must have for any household that wants their home spotless in an easy and quick way. Save time and money with this handy roller mop by Mr. Clean.

The roller head can be removed so you can get in those tight spaces around faucets, appliances, etc… perfect for when your little ones make a mess in the kitchen or when you have guests over and want to get your bathroom sparkling!

It is great for cleaning hard floors. The roller mop allows you to clean all the dirt and grime away from the tile, wood flooring, stairs, and more without having to pick up your entire cleaning arsenal!

How does it help to keep your house clean?

This product is so useful and easy to use that you can clean all around your house without worrying about anything.

It helps to keep your house clean and germ free by removing bacteria, dust and dirt from any surface. All these tasks used to be difficult but now they are made simple with this wonderful mop. You will save more time and money with this mop rather than spending time and energy on all sorts of house cleaning equipment.

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Is it safe for the baby at home?

Yes this roller mop is completely safe for the kids to play in the house.

It is made of non-toxic materials, so you do not need to worry about your child. It has all the necessary certifications which make it 100% safe for use around babies and children.

Where to buy it?

You can buy this product at most major department stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) or online retailers like Amazon for around $20-$25. Click here to check out the latest prices on this product.

Is the mop head refillable?

Yes, the roller mop head is refillable. So you can easily replace them when they become dirty. You have to separately purchase the refills, and they come in a pack of 2.


Overall, we feel that Mr. Clean(446840) Magic Eraser Roller Mop is a great product – it does all the work for you, and it is very easy to use, which means that you don’t have to work as hard when you clean. You can quickly clean your floors when you use this mop.

Therefore, we would highly recommend the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Roller Mop for anyone who is looking for an effective way to deep clean their floors more quickly and efficiently. This product will give you great results – we think it’s amazing!

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