How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants: The 14 Best Remedy and Prevention Tips

Are you having a problem with sugar ants in your home? If so, you’re not alone. Sugar ants are one of the most common ants, and they can be tough to get rid of. But don’t worry – this guide will show you how to get rid of sugar ants!

Sugar ants belong to the genus Saccharomyces (from Greek: “sugar ant”). If you think you have sugar ants, read on to learn how to identify them and get rid of them.

How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

How To Identify Sugar Ants?

Sugar ants are tiny and can vary in color from red to black. Sugar ants usually measure 1/8 inch long, and the workers are blind, meaning they don’t have eyes. They get their name from their sweet tooth, as they are attracted to sugary foods.

If you see tiny, black ants in your kitchen, you may have sugar ants.

Sugar ants like to nest outside and forage for food inside. They eat sweets, but they will also eat other foods such as meats, grains, and fruits.

How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants?

If you see sugar ants in your home, get rid of them quickly. Sugar ants don’t pose any severe health risks, but they can cause a lot of damage to your home.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of sugar ants:

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of sugar ants

1. Seal off their entry points. Sugar ants can enter your home through tiny cracks and holes in your walls and doors. Use caulk or other sealants to close off these entry points.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the ants. Vacuuming them will not kill them, but it will remove them from your home.

3. Use an insecticide. There are different types of insecticides available, and you can buy them at most hardware stores. Follow the instructions on the label to safely and effectively get rid of sugar ants.

4. Call a professional. If you’re having trouble getting rid of sugar ants, or if they’re causing a lot of damage to your home, call a professional pest control company. They will have the experience and equipment to get rid of sugar ants for good.

5. Use sugar ant bait. Sugar ants get their name from their sweet tooth, and one of the best ways to kill them is to use sugar baits. Sugar ant bait is a poison that attracts the ants, and once they eat it they die.

6. Use boiling water to kill sugar ants. To kill many sugar ants at once, boil some water on the stove and pour it over them.

7. Use borax to kill sugar ants. Borax is toxic to many bugs, including sugar ants. Mix 1 part borax with three parts icing sugar, and then sprinkle it in the areas where you see sugar ants. The sugar will attract the ants, and the borax will kill them.

8. Use a DIY trap. You can make a DIY sugar ant trap by mixing 1/2 cup of honey with 1/4 cup of borax and pouring it into a jar. The ants will be attracted to the honey, but once they eat it, they’ll die because of the borax.

9. Use a commercial trap. There are many commercial traps available for sale, and they work the same way as the DIY trap. The ants will be attracted to the bait, and they’ll die once they eat it.

10. Keep your home clean. Sugar ants like to forage for sugary foods, which is why you should keep your home clean. Make sure there’s no food lying around if you want to get rid of sugar ants.

11. Try a DIY insecticide. Mix some water, dish soap, and oil in a spray bottle, and then spray the mixture around your home. This DIY insecticide will kill sugar ants, but it won’t hurt pets or people.

12. Use peppermint oil to kill sugar ants. Peppermint oil is a natural insect repellent, and it will keep sugar ants from invading your home. Put a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball, and then place the cotton ball in the areas where you see sugar ants.

13. Use cayenne pepper to kill sugar ants. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper is a very effective way of getting rid of sugar ants. Put some cayenne pepper in a pepper shaker, and then sprinkle it around the areas where you see sugar ants.

14. Use a vinegar trap. Combine 1/2 cup of white vinegar with 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle, and then spray the mixture around your home. The vinegar will kill the sugar ants, and it’s a non-toxic way to get rid of them.


Do sugar ants bite?

Sugar ants don’t have stingers, so they can’t actually bite. They just crawl over people and other animals to get their sugary food.

Do sugar ants carry diseases?

Sugar ants don’t carry any diseases, but they can contaminate food with their saliva and feces.

Can sugar ants damage my home?

Yes, sugar ants can damage your home by chewing through electrical wiring.

Are sugar ants dangerous?

No, sugar ants aren’t dangerous, but their sugary excrement can cause serious problems for people with allergies.

Final Thought:

Getting rid of sugar ants can be a difficult task, but you should be able to get rid of them for good with these tips. Remember to keep your home clean and free of sugary foods, and use one of these methods to kill them. Good luck!