Keeping a velvet sofa at home might be an excellent idea to seem the setting area more attractive and decorated. Velvet sofas are always more luxurious than the others, but wait a minute! How about cleaning them?

Have you ever thought of how to clean a velvet sofa even before buying it as cleaning it is not as common as average sofas? And if there are 2-3 kids at home, it might make more headaches for you as children have every reason to make them dirt when playing around. But don’t worry, we have got solutions for you but let’s find what velvet is made of?

What Is Velvet Made Of?

Velvet Fabric

Velvet is a soft pile fabric and is being manufactured for thousands of years. It can be made from different kinds of threads in one way or another. Traditionally, it was made of silk, which was more expensive and time-consuming.

In the modern era, cotton and various synthetics are being used to make velvet. Synthetic velvet fabric can be made from nylon, polyester, viscose, or rayon and different fibers such as linen, mohair, and wool. Synthetic velvet is always budget-friendly as they are cheaper than those made of silk. Spandex is also used in cases to give it a stretchy look.

How To Clean Velvet Sofa Set?

Velvet can be cleaned in a number of ways, but here, few methods are discussed that would show us how to clean them.

1. Vacuum

Cleaning velvet sofa with vacuum regularly once or twice a week might help in maintaining the overall condition. Here are the steps on how to clean with a vacuum.

  • Take a dry, soft, and clean cloth. Tap the velvet repeatedly until the dust comes out of the pores of the velvet.
  • Use a handled vacuum and move it back and forth for 5-10 minutes along the surface of the velvet until the vacuum sucks the debris.
  • Sparing a little time for vacuum cleaning would not allow containment set into the fiber.
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2. Brushing

Brush the velvet as soon as possible if some particles or other such type hardened remains of food found on it.

  • Take a soft-bristled brush. 
  • Gather the particles around one place. 
  • Take a plastic pan, use the brush to hurl those particles in the pan with care. 

How To Clean Stain Off Velvet Sofa Set?

Clean the velvet immediately if the liquid is spilled on it because it can easily damage the surface permanently. Allowing the spill and stains to set on the surface of velvet for a more extended period would make it difficult to clean. The following are the steps on how to clean it.

  • Take a dry, clean, and soft towel or water-absorbing tissue.
  • Blot the liquid spill away with the cloth, starting from the edges rather than the center, or you may spread it further.
  • Don’t rub. Press gently, or you could damage the velvet.
  • Try to dry the affected area with a hair drier, but keeping it away from the sofa at a distance of 20 CM.
  • If the liquid spill leaves behind a stain after it dries, try to clean it with a mixture of water and unscented dish soap.
  • Take dry fabric cloth and try the back of the sofa to test it does not discolor the material.
  • Rub the stained area with a gentle rub and soft strokes.
  • Turn on a few fans and open the window to allow the sofa to air-dried.

How To Clean Velvet Sofa Set When This Is Wet?

Velvet is always prone to liquids as it can absorb dampness very easily due to the nature of its material. These synthetic velvets nowadays have proven not to be more reliable whenever it got wet due to certain atmospheric conditions.

If the velvet has got vet due to some reasons, it is very necessary to dry and clean it as soon as possible as it can weaken the material and can reduce its life significantly. Cleaning the wet velvet is always riskier, but it is necessary to make it stain-free so that its original condition is restored.

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However, there are different ways of cleaning the wet velvet sofa, but the one which is more reliable and risk-free would be discussed here. If you can apply the proper steps as describes below, you can quickly get rid of the wetness and stains of the sofa. To dry up and clean the wet velvet, try the following steps: –

Put the sofas into a well-ventilated room and keep the fans on.

  • Harness a paper towel to soak up the liquid from the material. 
  • Take a dry cleaning detergent and apply it to a sponge. 
  • Blot away the stain with the sponge. 
  • Repeat the process several times.
  • Wait for few minutes and let the cleaner dry on the velvet.
  • Use a hair drier to help make it dry fast.
  • Take a soft brush and remove the layer of cleanser gently so that it does not modify the surface of the material.
  • Keeping the sofa in the room with windows open and fans mostly switched on to remove the dampness completely.

How To Protect Your Velvet Sofa Set?

Check the instruction on the tags and read them carefully. Find if applying velvet protector sprays would ruin the fabric or not. Buy a standard fabric protector. Spray the protector on the back of your sofa to test it.

Wait for 10 minutes and see the results if it damages the fabric or brings any change in the material.

After confirming there is no damage, mist it by spraying more than 25-35 CM away from the sofa. Before using it, dry it by opening the windows and turning on the fans.

It would not allow the dirt and spills set on the surface of the material and can be removed easily. 

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Keep the sofa out of reach of direct sunlight as it can damage the velvet permanently. Do not use flammable things near the sofa and keep water and or liquid products away from it to minimize the risk of spilling it over the velvet.

How To Maintain Velvet Sofa Set?

A most effective way of maintaining the fabric is to clean it gently and regularly with extreme caution as rubbing hard with a cloth or using a standard protector might reverse the purpose. Harness a vacuum two times a month.

It is also worth mentioning to move around the cushions from time to time on different spots of the sofa to avoid wrinkles. The same practice should be followed while setting on it as using one corner of the area might affect its surface level.

Adequately cover all the sofa set with special cover or plastic when cleaning the room with water as its drops may dampen the velvet, which can catch dust particles and make stains. 

Wrap it entirely in a plastic cover whenever blowing away the dust particles with a blower in the room, which will prevent the dust particles from setting on the sofa directly. Place it away from walls and bathroom doors to avoid dampness.

Few Asked Question

What Should I Do For A Wrinkled Velvet Sofa?

See of instructions on the label and check if wrinkle releaser spray does not damage the velvet. Get a good quality wrinkle releaser spray from the store.

Apply the spray at a certain distance and then try to flatten the wrinkled area with your hand or soft material. Repeat this procedure 4-5 times for one area. Wait for 10 minutes, and you will see the wrinkle-free velvet surface.


The velvet sofa is always more comfortable, and having one at home may be an excellent idea, but at the same time, you also need to take proper care, be it cleaning or maintenance. Cleaning the sofa fortnightly with company advised instructions may help maintain its condition for a more extended period.