How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner – Step By Step Guideline

Today, you are going to learn how to clean vacuum cleaner.

Our homes have witnessed many technological advancements that have made our household chores fairly easier, But no one has revolutionized cleaning as a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaning is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of dust and dirt from our floors, carpets, and even our curtains. With it comes a very pertinent query of how to clean the vacuum cleaner itself.

Like other machines and gadgets, it becomes imperative to take good care of our vacuum cleaners so that they work optimally and do not become a stinky box of dirt and dust. To Know More check, how vacuum cleaner works.

How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner In Details

Before learning how to clean a vacuum cleaner, these things should be kept in mind to avoid common vacuum cleaner mistakes.

1.Always Follow The Manual.

Not everyone is an expert in handling machines and gadgets. Hence, whether you are using the vacuum cleaner or disassembling it for cleaning, the manual provided by the company should be followed to avoid any inconvenience.

2.Unplug The Vacuum Cleaner

Although it is common sense that electric machines have to be unplugged before maintenance, cleaning, or repair work, many people seem to either forget about it or they do not take this seriously.

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There is always a chance of getting electrocuted if the electric machine is not unplugged.

3.Other Precautionary Measures

Finally, the person cleaning the vacuum cleaner must be wearing gloves to avoid damage to his or her hands.

Also, it is a messy business, so a person having a dust allergy should avoid indulging in the cleaning and the cleaning area must be properly ventilated.

Furthermore, it must be made sure that every component of the vacuum cleaner has completely dried out before the reassembly. Only then it must be plugged again and reused to avoid getting an electric shock.

Materials Needed

The following list contains the materials that help in the proper cleaning of the Vacuum cleaners.

– Gloves

– Water

– Scrub/ sponge

– Dish soap

– A toothbrush

– A clean cloth for drying

– An air blower (sometimes)

5 Steps To Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Although there is no hard and fast established sequence of how to clean vacuum cleaner, the following sequence seems effective and easy to follow.

Furthermore, all the assembling and disassembling must be made according to the user manual provided by the vacuum cleaner company.

Step 1 – Clean The Filter

A vacuum cleaner may have more than one filter. It is an important component of vacuum cleaners. The filter helps the dust and dirt staying inside the bags or canisters.

Without it, the dirt and dust are released back into the air, and may even choke the main motor components of a vacuum cleaner. Not cleaning filters may cause a loss in suction power of the cleaner over time.

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If the manual allows the washing, then the filter could be washed with some clean cold water and dish soap. If the given filter is not washable, then the filters must be replaced after a certain amount of cleaning time.

Step 2 – Clean The Canister

After every use, the canister has to be emptied and cleaned.

If your vacuum cleaner can easily be disassembled, then the canister has to be scrubbed and washed with warm water and dish soap. Not cleaning canister will lower the performance of your vacuum cleaner as the available room for picking up dirt is reduced after each use.

Vacuum cleaners using bags may not need canister cleaning after every use. However, the bag must be emptied in the garbage can after every use.

Step 3 – Clean The Hose

Dirt and debris could also get stuck on the walls of the hose, making blockages for the vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt and dust.

The hose can easily be detached from the vacuum cleaner, but still, the manual has to be followed.  Afterward, it can be cleaned with dish soap and running water. Likewise, if the dirt is stubbornly stuck, Baking soda and an appropriate amount of Vinegar may be used.

The fizz created by their mixing removes detaches from the dirt from the walls of the hose. Moreover, the hose is not required to be cleaned after every use but doing it once in a month is advised.

Step 4 – Cleaning Brushes And Other Attachments.

It is all-natural that the brush and other attachments also get clogged with hair and other debris.

Therefore, after a certain amount of time, they need cleaning. A toothbrush can help taking out hair and other stuck particles.

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Step 5 – Clean Your Attachments

If it is possible, other attachments can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. Just you need to soak  your other attachments in warm  water and dish soap. Then Lay aside 24 hours to dry

Few Asked Questions

How Do You Clean The Filter On A Bag-less Vacuum Cleaner?

Firstly, open the canister. Take out the filter and clean it with water if it is washable. 

Then, use a toothbrush or a roller brush to take out stuck hair from the vaccum cleaner. If the filter is not washable, try to use an air blower to take out the dust and dirt fluff.

Should You Clean Your Vacuum?

It is advised to clean your vacuum once around every year. Cleaning the vacuum can be tricky and complex. Hence, expert advice must be sought or the process must be left to the company’s service centers. Cleaning the vacuum, almost restores the loss in cleaning potential overtime of your vacuum cleaner. 

Can I Vacuum Without a Filter?

The purpose of a filter is to keep the collected dust particles and dust fluff inside the canister of a vacuum cleaner. Without a filter, all these collected dust and debris will be released back into the air. The vacuum cleaner only becomes a dust circulator without a filter. The particles will coalesce to form larger particles that may settle back on the floor and need cleaning


Knowing how to clean a Vacuum cleaner is essential for vacuum cleaner users. Though its function is cleaning, it also requires maintenance as the barber himself or herself needs trimming and haircut at times.

Moreover, it is always recommended to follow the given manual every time. And vacuum cleaner must cleaned so as to help it not lose its cleaning capacity and utility.

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