How To Clean Sofa At Home – A Step-By-Step Guide

Sneak peek to know the exclusive ideas of how to clean sofa at home. It is an unavoidable problem of life that sofas get dirt. After all the movies and Netflix series, we have to see our stained sofa. It can be our food crumbs, our pet hair, and many more. But we are lucky enough because the sofa stains are not that dogged.

All we need is some time, a little bit of patience, and effective cleaning materials. Sometimes, cleaning can be a cause of fabric spoliation too. So, we have gathered some ideas to remove the stains from your sofa, and also you won’t spoil the fabric if you follow the methods systematically.

3 Best Methods To Clean Sofa At Home

1. Wash By Vacuum Cleaner

Wash by vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can be a convenient way of cleaning your couch. Its mechanism is, it creates a pressure difference to flow materials from one place to another.

There is a fan inside the vacuum cleaner that generates suction to remove dirt from the carpet, bed, couch, etc. Here, we will describe the procedure of how to clean a sofa using a vacuum cleaner. 

  • Take a vacuum cleaner to clean your sofa from food crumbs, pet hair, and other dirty stuff. 
  • Switch on the cleaner, and it will rapidly take away all the dirt from your sofa.
  • If the cushions are not attached, take them and vacuum them on both sides.
  • If there is a lot of pet hair and the vacuum cleaner is unable to get it all, you can use a lint roller to remove the hair.
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2. Wash By Water-Based Detergent And A Steam Cleaner

How to clean sofa with Wash by Water-Based Detergent and a Steam Cleaner
  • Use a precondition before you start to clean your sofa. It will loosen the dirty debris and oils and will make it easier to remove the dirt using a steam cleaner. 
  • Make a solution using six tablespoons of detergent and six tablespoons of water. Let it sit for around ten minutes.
  • Apply a little of the solution to the sofa and check if any dye comes off. If it doesn’t, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Pour the fabric shampoo into the steam cleaner and place its lid. Start to pour the shampoo on your sofa.
  • Pour some extra shampoo where necessary. If in case you pour excess shampoo in the wrong place, you can take those back moving the nozzle, and it will suck the extra shampoo.
  • After completing step 5, just leave your couch alone. Make the air dry out the couch.

3. Wash By Dry Cleaning A Fabric Sofa

wash sofa by dry cleaning fabric
  • Buy a dry cleaning solvent from the grocery store or buy it online. Make sure your room has proper ventilation because the dry cleaning solvent has a strong odor. So, let the fresh air come to your room and take the odor away.
  • Take a scrap of cloth and pour the solution into it. Do not use it directly on your sofa; rather, it can cause harm to the fabric. And also use a little amount of solution because it is very strong, and a little goes a long way.
  • Spot test the solution. If you find no discoloration, move to the next step. Press a scrap of cloth with the solvent on the couch. You don’t need to rub it, just press it on the stained area. 
  • If you leave the dry solvent on your couch for a long time, it may discolor. So, moisten a cloth and wash the solvent. Once you are done, let the couch air dry.
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How To Clean A Leather Sofa

How to clean a leather sofa
  • Buy a gentle leather cleaner. Go to a large department store or buy them online. You can also make a solution on your own using equal parts of white vinegar and water.
  • Spot tests the solution using a scrap of cloth. If there is no discoloration, you may proceed and apply the solution all over the couch. Make sure you didn’t miss any part of your leather sofa.
  • Then, using a dry cloth again, wipe the whole sofa. Make a solution using white vinegar and linseed oil in a 1:2 ratio. This solution will help to condition your sofa. Apply the solution using a rag all over the sofa and leave it overnight.
  • The next day again, rub the sofa using a clean, dry rag, and you will discover a shiny, clean sofa in your room.

Few Asked Questions

What Should I Do For A Wrinkled Velvet Sofa?

There are two ways of getting rid of a wrinkled velvet sofa.

  1. Iron it using medium heat. Do not use it directly on the velvet because the natural fabric can stand this heat, but synthetic or velvet can’t. So, use a cloth under the machine and then iron the sofa.
  2. You can get rid of the wrinkles using a hand-held streamer. Just run over it through the wrinkled area, and you will discover your wrinkle-free sofa.

How Can I Clean A Fabric Sofa Regularly?

There are many ways to clean your sofa regularly. The procedures we have described above, mentioning how to clean the sofa is the most conventional way. Hence, if you use dry cleaning solvent regularly, this may mistreat the fabric.

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So, it’s best if you use the other two ways to clean your sofa- using a vacuum cleaner and using water-base detergent and steam cleaner.

Can I Clean A Sofa With Windex?

Yes, you can use Windex to clean your sofa. Just spray it on the stained area of your sofa and rub it with a rag. Leave it for some time. All the stains will go away in a trice.


Maintaining the sofa is very important for you as it brings royalty and elegance to the interiors of your house. As buyers are purchasing a sofa, whether it is a fabric sofa, or it is a leather sofa, they must maintain cleanliness and keep them stain-free. Just follow these simple steps above and your sofa will be looking like new in no time.