How To Clean New Apartment?

Moving into a new place is always exciting. But before you can start enjoying your new home, you need to do some serious cleaning. Here are some tips on how to clean your new apartment so that it feels like home in no time.

Start with the kitchen. If there are any appliances that came with the apartment, make sure to give them a good wipe down before using them. The stovetop and oven should be spotless, as well as the refrigerator (inside and out).

Don’t forget to clean the cabinets, counters, and floors too! Next, move on to the bathroom. Again, if there are any appliances in here (like a toilet brush), give them a good cleaning before using them.

All surfaces in the bathroom should be disinfected, including the tub/shower, sink, countertops, and floors. Don’t forget to empty out all of the cabinets and drawers too! Once the kitchen and bathroom are taken care of, you can move on to tackling the rest of the apartment.

Start with dusting all surfaces (furniture, shelves, blinds) and then vacuum/mop all of the floors. Finish up by cleaning any windows or mirrors in the apartment.

Move-in Cleaning Routine! (Clean My Space)

  • Assuming you just moved into a new apartment: 1
  • Start with giving everything a good wipe down
  • This includes all surfaces, such as countertops, appliances, cabinets, floors, etc
  • A simple solution of vinegar and water can be used for this
  • Once everything has been wiped down, it’s time to start cleaning the bathroom
  • Be sure to clean the toilet, sink and shower/bathtub
  • Don’t forget to scrub the tile grout as well! 3
  • Moving on to the bedroom(s), begin by dusting all surfaces including furniture, lamps, blinds and windowsills
  • Then move onto vacuuming carpets or sweeping/mopping hardwood floors
  • In the kitchen, start by cleaning out the fridge (get rid of any old food that may be lurking in there)
  • Then move on to washing dishes that have accumulated in the sink and wiping down all surfaces again
  • Finally, sweep and mop the floor

How to Clean Your Apartment Like a Professional

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing tips on how to clean your apartment: We all know that feeling when company is coming over and our place is a mess. Whether it be your in-laws, your boss, or your best friend from college, no one wants to make a bad impression with a messy home.

Here are some professional cleaning tips to get your place spick and span in no time so you can relax and enjoy the visit.

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Start with the living room since this is usually where people will gather. Use a feather duster or microfiber cloth to dust all surfaces including ceiling fans, shelves, knick-knacks, and picture frames.

Don’t forget under the couch cushions! Give the coffee table and end tables a good wipe down as well. If you have hardwood floors, vacuum or sweep them thoroughly.

Then move on to carpets, making sure to vacuum in both directions for best results. Next head into the kitchen. Start by wiping down all surfaces including countertops, backsplashes, appliances (inside and out), and cabinets (both inside and out).

Don’t forget those pesky spots behind the fridge and stove! Once everything is wiped down, sweep and mop the floor. Finish up by taking out the trash and recycling.

The bathroom is next on our list. First things first – empty that wastebasket! Then give the sink, countertop, toilet (both inside and out), tub/shower a thorough scrubbing using hot water and disinfectant cleaner .

Be sure to pay special attention to tile grout which can get pretty grimy over time. Finally rinse off any cleaner residue with hot water then dry everything completely with a towel or microfiber cloth . Now give the floor its turn – sweep then mop using disinfectant cleaner . Hang up any wet towels or bathmats to dry while you finish up in here . Last but not least is bedroom(s) . Make the bed(s) first thing – Straighten sheets & blankets then plump up pillows for a hotel-like touch . Dust surfaces including dressers , nightstands , lamps , ceiling fan , etc… Don’t forget under furniture too! Vacuum or sweep floors then move on to closet(s) : Take everything out then sort into piles – keep , donate/sell , & trash . Wipe down shelving unit before returning items back neatly organized . And there you have it! A clean home sweet home just in time for company !

How To Clean New Apartment?


What to Clean before Moving into a New Apartment?

When you’re moving into a new apartment, the last thing you want to do is spend your first day there cleaning. But trust us, taking a little time to clean before you move in will save you a lot of headaches (and maybe even some money) down the road. Here’s a list of things you should clean before moving into your new place:

1. The kitchen: Since the kitchen is where you’ll be preparing food, it’s important to make sure it’s clean before you start using it. Give the stovetop, oven, fridge and freezer a good wipe-down with soapy water. If possible, also scrub the inside of the fridge and oven (especially if they’re not brand new).

Don’t forget to sweep and mop the floors!

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2. The bathroom: Again, since this is a space where you’ll be spending time naked, it’s important to make sure it’s as clean as possible before moving in. Scrub the toilet bowl, sink and shower/tub with disinfectant cleaner.

Wipe down all surfaces – including mirrors – with glass cleaner. And don’t forget to sweep and mop the floor! 3. Windows: You may not notice them at first, but chances are there will be fingerprints or smudges on your windows from previous tenants.

Clean them before unpacking your own belongings so that natural light can brighten up your new home on day one! 4. Carpets/floors: If your new place has carpets or hardwood floors, give them a thorough vacuuming or sweeping before moving any furniture in (you might want to do this after cleaning windows so that any dirt or dust falls on the floor instead of on your freshly cleaned windows). This will help keep your carpets and floors looking nicer for longer.

5. Walls: Take a look around – are there any scuff marks or stains on the walls? If so, give them a quick once-over with some gentle cleaner before unpacking anything else into your new home sweet home!

Should You Clean Your New Apartment before Moving In?

You should always clean your new apartment before moving in. This is because you don’t know what the previous tenants may have left behind and you don’t want to bring any unwanted germs or pests into your new home. By taking the time to do a thorough cleaning, you can be sure that your new apartment will be clean and comfortable for you to move into.

How Do I Keep My First Apartment Clean?

Assuming you would like tips on how to keep your first apartment clean: 1. Schedule cleaning time into your week and stick to it: One of the most important things you can do to keep your apartment clean is to set aside time each week specifically for cleaning. Whether it’s an hour on Saturday mornings or 30 minutes every night after dinner, find a regular time that works for you and stick to it.

This will help ensure that cleaning doesn’t get pushed to the back burner and become an even bigger chore. 2. Make sure everyone pitches in: If you live with roommates, make sure everyone understands their cleaning responsibilities and that they are pitching in as much as possible. Having a shared space means that everyone should be helping to keep it clean and tidy.

If someone isn’t pulling their weight, have a conversation about it so that everyone is on the same page. 3. Keep surfaces clear: A cluttered surface is not only unsightly but also makes it harder to clean – crumbs, dust and other debris tend to accumulate more easily on cluttered surfaces. So one of the best ways to keep your apartment clean is simply by keeping surfaces clear.

Put away items when you’re done using them and take care of any clutter right away so it doesn’t have a chance to build up. 4. Don’t let dishes pile up: Nothing breeds bacteria quite like dirty dishes sitting in a sink full of stagnant water (not to mention the fact that they’re just plain gross). So do yourself a favor and don’t let dishes pile up in your sink or anywhere else in your apartment – wash them as soon as possible after use.

If you have roommates, make sure everyone is on board with this plan so there aren’t any surprises come dish-washing time!

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When You Start Cleaning an Apartment What Do You Start With?

Assuming you’re starting with a completely empty apartment: 1. Decide what cleaning supplies you will need and gather them all in one place. This may include a vacuum, broom and dustpan, rags or sponges, furniture polish, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, etc.

2. Start with the floors. Vacuum or sweep and mop all the floor surfaces in the apartment. Don’t forget to clean under any furniture that can be moved.

3. Next, move on to cleaning the bathrooms. Scrub the toilets, sinks and showers/bathtubs until they are sparkling clean. Be sure to also clean mirrors and floors in the bathroom (again, don’t forget under any movable furniture).

4. In the kitchen, wash all dishes that may be dirty and put them away. Wipe down counters, appliances (stove top, oven door), cabinets and floors until they are free of dirt and grease build-up. 5. Living areas such as bedrooms and living rooms can be dusted next.

Use a rag or sponge to dust surfaces such as dressers, night stands table tops, shelves TVs , coffee tables etc..


Assuming you’re looking for a blog post on how to clean a new apartment: Cleaning a new apartment can be daunting, but with these tips it doesn’t have to be! Start by decluttering and getting rid of anything you don’t need.

This will make the cleaning process much easier. Next, focus on deep-cleaning key areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Once those are taken care of, give your whole place a once-over with a vacuum and duster.

Finally, don’t forget to tidy up regularly to keep your new home looking its best.