How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Sofa: A Step By Step Guide

Mice is a type of rodent that can be found in and around our household or practically everywhere. Even though you can’t see them, you can still hear them moving around even in the dark. This domestic rodent’s population can effortlessly multiply, and because of that, their presence can already be hazardous to the health of the people living in the area.

In today’s article, we are going to cover how to clean mouse droppings from Sofa and other many mouse-related things. Please read the article that will help you get a clear idea and solutions about cleaning mouse droppings.

Signs of Mouse Presence In The House

How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Sofa

There are several indications that mice had already invaded your property. It is very visible to the naked eye, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  • The first sign is the dark and damp rodent dropping, and it becomes gray in color when it dries out. You can locate these droppings near the place where they are nesting or feeding.
  • When you can smell a foul odor in a certain area of the house, it is evident that a mice infestation is present.
  • There are distinctive mouse tracks apparent that are angled to their hiding place that can be seen using a flashlight.
  • Gnaw marks are existing in food packages or on the house structure.
  • You can find some shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant in an area of your house wherein the rodents are nesting.
  • There are also some weird scratches on your furniture that can be so noticeable.
  • If these manifestations are present in your household, start to be vigilant and think of ways to rodent-proof your home.

How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Sofa?

Mouse dropping on the couch is such a hideous sight. Not only that, but it can also cause a serious health issue because mice can extract Hantavirus in their saliva, droppings, and urine. It is very dangerous to humans because it can result in Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome that is fatal.

Here is a list of enumerated ways to disinfect the sofa:

  • Put on your personal protective gloves that should be either made of latex, rubber, little, or vinyl. Also, use a face mask for total safety.
  • Use a hydrochloride solution that is composed of a mixture of a gallon of water and half household bleach. Wet the infected area of the couch adequately with the solution for total disinfection.
  • When the solid mouse droppings have been completely soaked with the disinfectant solution, remove them with a damp towel.
  • Afterwards, scrub the area again with the solution.
  • Place the discarded mouse dropping in the proper disposal bin.
  • Wash thoroughly with soap and water the gloves that you used during the disinfection.
  • Air-dry the part of the sofa that you had disinfected.
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In abiding with the step-by-step disinfection procedures on how to clean mouse droppings from sofa, you can ensure the safety of the whole family. It can also eliminate the health risks that can be obtained from mouse droppings.

How To Get Rid Of Rat Urine Smell In Your Sofa?

If rodent infestation is already apparent in your residence, then you must take immediate action. Having rats lingering around the house is so uncomfortable. The awful smell of their urine can make you sick in your stomach. Good thing, certain solutions can permanently eliminate the unpleasant odor of a rat’s urine.

The following are the steps that can help you with this dilemma:

  • You must track down the location of the foul urine odor. You can most likely locate it near food sources or small holes. There is a smudge that is darker, and the area is usually wet.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight can kill the bacteria that are in the rodent’s urine. It can also offset the nasty odor that is present.
  • Rubbing alcohol is the best solution to use for you to eradicate the stain and take out the rancid smell that the urine had made. You don’t need to rinse it out because it usually dries out on its own.
  • After this, you can already apply some baking soda on the urine stain then leave it there overnight. The next day, use a vacuum cleaner to take off the baking soda and then reapply the second time in the same area again. Scrub the baking soda with a damp cloth into the exact place of the urine, rinse with water, and then dry with a vacuum cleaner.

Be sure to make intensive cleaning on the affected area because the rat urine can accumulate bacteria.

How To Exterminate Rats And Mice In Your Home?

It is very pertinent to take immediate action to get rid of Rats and Mice immediately you notice that they have infested your home. Here are some measures to take to exterminate them from your abode.

1. Use chemicals

This is the most efficient but humane method to get rid of rats and mice, and it is usually in very servers mouse infestation cases. The chemicals are simply Rats, and mice poisons, which are baits, and some are granulated. You can use tomcat rodent repellent solution to kick out mice and rats from your house.

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Spread it around the suspected area, and the rats will die after inhaling the smell of the chemicals. They can even die in their hideouts without coming out, so get ready to carry away dead rats. The chemical becomes efficient within 3 to 4 days and can last for up to two weeks.

2. Use The Ultrasonic Mouse And Rats Repellents.

The ultrasonic mouse repellent is an instrument that produces sounds at an ultrasonic frequency range, which the rats or mice can not withstand. The ultrasonic sound is designed to scare away the rats. It does not affect humans and other domestic animals.

The Rats and mice become fussy, mad, and scared of the sound. They run to their hideouts, but will definitely look for any available route to escape from the house because of the ultrasonic frequency sound

3. Use Organic Mouse Repellent

This method is very simple. Spray some organic oil extracts around the suspected area; the Rat smells it. It causes serious discomfort to it and irritates it, and then the mouse is forced to run away from the vicinity.

The organic mouse repellent is sprayed in places such as parks, airports, schools, gardens, etc. to exterminate rats and mice. It is applied using a sprayer, and it is advisable to use it on a surface that has already been cleaned.

4. Use Of Mice And Rats Traps

The traps are also effective in the extermination of mice and rats. It has a bait, and spring reinforced setup. When the Rat is attracted to the bait and tries to eat it, the spring will then open up and hit the rat to the base of the trap.

In most cases, rats or mice can die instantly. The modern mice traps are electronically designed. It kills rats and mice via electric shock.

5. Use Of Glue Traps

The glue traps have become very popular because it is cheap and can be produced easily. Glue is placed on a carbon, wood platform, or paper and is placed on the common routes of the Rats. Places like the back of refrigerators or the back of cupboards are common rat routes.

For efficiency, bait is placed on the glue to attract the Rat, and the Rat gets trapped and stuck in the glue. These five methods are tested and trusted methods for exterminating Rats and Mice from your home.

Few Asked Questions

1. What Diseases Are Spread Through Mice Droppings?

Mice and rats often come inside our houses in search of food and a warm place to stay. But the risk of acquiring a serious disease due to their droppings is very high; hence, you should know how to clean mouse droppings from the sofa.

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A potentially life-threatening illness that can be accumulated in mouse droppings is Hantavirus. It is an infection that is transmitted by a rodent to humans through exposure and inhalation of their urine, saliva, or droppings.

Salmonellosis is a kind of food poisoning that can be acquired through the consumption of contaminated food from the rodent’s feces. Diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever are the usual signs or symptoms of the illness.

One can also be infected by Rat-bite fever through the consumption of contaminated food by infected rodents. Three to ten days after the exposure, symptoms of vomiting, headache, fever, muscle pain, and rashes will be manifested.

2. Can You Vacuum Mouse Droppings?

If you happen to find some mouse droppings around the house, never vacuum or sweep their droppings or their nest particles. Vacuuming can never take-off the bacteria that can cause infections to humans.

There’s a step by step guidelines that you just need to follow in order to remove the nasty feces caused by rodents. It can reduce the risk of acquiring illnesses that can spur through physical contact from the droppings.

Also, to prevent any dangerous particles from evolving to airborne disease, don’t ever vacuum the droppings. Abiding with certain guidelines can surely help in lowering the risk of any probable illnesses.

3. Can You Get Sick From Cleaning Mouse Droppings?

There are always tendencies that mouse droppings can be seen in your household. This discharge can be a carrier of fatal diseases because bacteria and viruses are both present in it.

Exposure to these types of bacteria and viruses can lead to sickness, like Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, or Rat-bite. That is why proper use of personal protective materials must always be followed. This equipment can help you protect yourself while cleaning mouse droppings.

You must follow the do’s and don’ts that are enumerated by experts in order for you to keep yourself safe from the rodent’s feces’ harmful effects.


There are really instances that we cannot prevent, by knowing how to clean mouse droppings from sofa, and how to stop mouse infestations in our home. It’s a bit scary knowing that their droppings and urine can make us severely ill.

Luckily, experts were able to determine the precautionary measures that can be used for us to be safe while eliminating the droppings of the rodents in our house.

Having enumerated the safety guidelines and proper approach, we have to abide by those rules to keep us safe from any harm or sickness that comes with exposure to mouse droppings. Always stay safe and prevent any spread of bacteria and viruses around you.

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