Can You Steam Clean A Jute Rug?

I love my jute rugs. They are cheap, natural, and low-maintenance. But there is one issue that I have had with them from the beginning: water spots.

As a home-owner, I know how important it is to keep your floors clean because dirt can carry germs that can make our families sick. 

I have tried many methods to remove water spots from my jute rugs, and none of them have worked very well. That is, until I learned about the benefits of steam cleaning.

As you may know, steam cleaning is a hot water extraction method that cleans dirt, grime, and stains at a deep level. From Oxy Fresh Carpet Cleaning Charlotte NC, I learned that steam cleaning also removes water spots. But after talking with the owner, Chris Souk, about issues that jute rugs face, he gave me a better idea of how to effectively and efficiently clean my rugs without causing damage.

What causes water spots on jute rugs?

The pulp that is used to manufacture jute rugs is an organic material that over time decomposes. While this decomposition process is naturally aided by the elements, it continues inside your home. Specifically, it is caused by acids that are released as the pulp decomposes.

This acid forms when hemicellulose decomposes. Hemicellulose is another organic material found in the pulp that is used to make jute rugs.

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The acid that is released as a result of the decomposition of hemicellulose is known as lignin peroxyl acid. This acid is what causes the water spots that seem to appear out of nowhere on your jute rugs.

Do steam cleaning work on jute rug?

steam cleaning jute rug

If you have a jute rug, you may be wondering if you can steam clean it. The answer is yes, you can steam clean a jute rug. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You need to be careful not to over-wet the rug. If you do, it will take a long time to dry and could lead to mold and mildew growth. Finally, when you steam clean a jute rug, you can use a cleaning solution that will neutralize the acid that is released during the decomposition of the pulp.

How does steam cleaning protect jute rugs?

Jute rugs suffer when they encounter water for two reasons.

The first is chemical. When a water source enters a jute rug, some dye in the rug leaches out into the water source, creating a colored solution that looks similar to root beer. The dye that leaves the rug often causes the water to become tinted or even colorized, and this becomes difficult to remove from the rug.

The other issue that arises when jute rugs get wet is the growth of mold. This happens when the water stays in the rug for too long. When steam cleaning a jute rug, the technician uses a high-pressure steam method that can reach 150 degrees. This method safely dries the rug in a short amount of time so that the possibility of mold growth is minimal.

As for water spots, those can form when any type of fabric gets wet. The minerals in the water leave a stain on the fabric that is nearly impossible to remove. During steam cleaning, professionals add a detergent that breaks down the minerals in the water before they can stain the rug. Because jute is a natural, undyed material  (usually a light brown), the water spots are especially noticeable. So it’s important that a steam cleaner knows how to prevent water spot creation in the first place, as well as how to remove the stains once they appear.

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Oxy Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s techniques ensure that my jute rugs stay clean for a long time.

How does steam cleaning damage jute rugs?

If a professional uses too much pressure while steam cleaning a jute rug, they could tear the fibers of the rug. Other methods, like dry extraction or wet extraction, can cause the same problems.

Wet extraction means that the professional dips the rug in water before extracting the dirty water. Dry extraction means that the professional steam cleans a jute rug without water or any other cleansing solution.

Both of these methods can damage jute rugs if the professional doesn’t use proper techniques. But dry extraction is more likely to cause damage because it puts more stress on the rug fibers.

Should you steam clean a jute rug yourself?

If you want to save money on a professional steam cleaning service, you could probably try doing the job yourself. But jute rugs are too heavy and large for most people to carry into the bathtub or their kitchen. Also, water temperatures need to be just right or the rug could shrink. And knowing how to extract the dirt and moisture from the rug without staining it or causing it to dry out is more complicated than most people realize.

So if you think you can do the job yourself, make sure you read the instructions on how to do it right and buy the right supplies. It’s more work and money to do it right. And doing it wrong could damage your rug so badly that it needs to be replaced. So, a professional steam cleaner is the safest option for ensuring a clean rug. 

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How do you protect a jute rug from dirt in the first place?

It’s easier to keep a jute rug clean than it is to repair one. So, you should try to protect your investment by keeping the rug as clean as possible yourself.

  • Avoid wet and muddy conditions around your rug.
  • Keep it dry by walking on a towel where there is snow or mud.
  • Vacuum it regularly.

What are the signs that a jute rug needs to be steam cleaned?

A jute rug that is in good condition and has been well maintained should retain its natural sheen and color. Inspection with the naked eye isn’t’ always enough, though. You’ll need to get down on your hands and knees to check for signs of dirt and stains that need to be cleaned out.

Jute naturally absorbs moisture and odors. So, the carpet may get musty even if it was recently washed. Dyes may also fade over time. Inspect the rug to see if any of this deterioration is due to deep-set dirt and stains that only a deep steam cleaning can fix.

Final thought:

Steam cleaning a jute rug is an effective way to remove dirt from the rug. However, it is very important to follow the instructions carefully. This will help you get rid of the dirt without causing damage to your rug.