What’s The Best Way To Clean Bathtub Grime Ever?

Bathtubs are a great place for mold and mildew to grow. No one likes the feeling of a dirty bathtub. It seems like bathtubs would be the easiest thing to clean, right?

That’s not true every time. What’s even more frustrating is when bathtub grime has built up over time, and you have to scrub for what seems like hours just to get it off. If you’re looking for a fast way to remove this tough, stubborn film from your bathtub, look no further! Here are seven best ways to clean bathtub grim that will help you get rid of that disgusting buildup in minutes with minimal effort.

best way to clean bathtub grime

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1. Apply the mixture of Vinegar and Baking Soda

It’s the quickest, most straightforward way to get rid of bathtub grime. All you need is 2 cups (½ liter) of vinegar and ½ cup (100 grams) baking soda. The mixture needs to be applied with a brush as per your bathtub manufacturer’s instructions. This will leave your bathtub looking like new!

Special tips: Soak a towel in Bleach and place it on top of the tub to soak up odors. It can be repeated as necessary, but every two weeks or so is enough to keep the new tub smelling between deep cleanings for most households.

2. Use Hydrogen Per Oxide with Baking Soda

Combine equal parts baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and add to tub water. This creates a foaming action that will loosen stubborn stains and allow the mixture to cling to the sides of your bathtub for added cleaning power. Once you’ve followed these steps, it’s just a matter of rinsing and drying for a clean and shiny bathtub!

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3. Use Commercial Cleanser and Soft Scrub

Mix 1/3 cup cleanser with ¼ cup of warm water and ½ teaspoon bleach. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake well to mix thoroughly. Spray the surface of your bathtub, making sure you hit all areas. Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping away with a soft cloth or sponge. This will remove soap scum, hard water stains, and other common bathroom buildups.

There are a lot of cleansers on the market, so that you can pick one based on your personal preference. If you want to go directly for bleach cleansers, look for Sodium Hypochlorite. It’s readily available with cleaning products sold at home improvement stores and grocery stores.

Here are some excellent Sodium Hypochlorite and other commercial grime cleaning products to choose from:

4. Apply the Mixture of Dish Soap and Vinegar

Mix equal parts dish soap with vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray mixture on the bathtub to loosen buildup, then use warm soapy water to rinse away grime. This is one of the best ways to clean that pesky soap scum buildup in your bathtub. It works like a charm!

5. Combine Bleach and Liquid Dish Soap

Fill a bucket with 2 cups of warm water. Add 1/4 cup bleach and one tablespoon liquid dish soap. Add a sponge and clean your bathtub as you usually would. There’s no need to scrub too hard with this mixture—the soap will cut through soap scum and grime with ease!

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6. Baking Soda Bath

This is the cheapest way to keep your bathtub looking brand new between deep cleaning sessions. Simply pour some baking soda onto a wet sponge and scrub away until all the grime is removed. Rinse with warm water and dry with a towel. This is how we kept our bathtubs looking brand new all through college, and it worked like a charm!

7. Ammonia and Dish Soap

Mix a small amount of dish soap with one tablespoon ammonia in a spray bottle, then fill the rest with warm water. Spray mixture on the bathtub to loosen buildup, then use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe away grime. This is also one of the best ways to clean that pesky soap scum buildup in your bathtub.

How often should you clean your bathtub?

How often should you clean your bathtub?

It depends on the condition of your tub and what you’ve been using it for (such as small children). If you notice mold or mildew on the grout or stains on the faucet, you may want to treat it with one of the cleanings mentioned above solutions sooner. If your bathtub is filthy, or you have used harsh cleaners in the past, it may take more than one session of cleaning to bring it back to life again.

How often you clean your bathtub is entirely up to you and what your bathroom cleaning needs are. However, generally speaking: Once a month, use a mild liquid dish detergent to wipe down the surface.

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Use bleach-dish soap mixture once every six months to clean mildew and stains.

For a deep clean, scrub the surface with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar every couple of years. That way, it will always look brand new!

Additional tips to keep your bathtub looking brand new:

  1. If you have a tub with a finish chipping away, get it re-enameled or sand it down and repaint it with high-gloss paint.
  2. Rinse bath toys in the toilet instead of leaving them to collect mildew and soap scum for long periods.
  3. Take a shower rather than a bath if you have tiny children or pets that play in the tub.

Never pour harsh chemicals like drain cleaners down the bathtub drain. They can corrode your metal plating, causing leaks and damage to your bathroom flooring.

That’s all, folks! Wishing you the best in bathtub cleaning!