The 5 Best Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing Your Home And Car

A steam cleaner is a great way to kill germs and bacteria on the surfaces around your house. With the help of some disinfectant, you can use this tool for deep cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, or even your mattresses!

The best steam cleaner for sanitizing should be easy to use and delivered with a variety of attachments. The machine you choose should also include information about what types of surfaces it can clean. All these factors will help you determine which model is the best one for your needs. 

There are a lot of steam cleaners on the market, and most of them can be used for all sorts of cleaning purposes. But we’ve chosen the best steam cleaner for sanitizing, which will help you kill germs and bacteria with ease.

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Best Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing

This guide will also show you how to choose between different steam cleaners so that you get the most out of yours. Read on!

Here is our top pics:

  1. Best handheld steam cleanerBISSELL 2685A Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Steam Mop Cleaner for Sanitizing
  2. Best deep cleanerMcCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing
  3. Best hard floor cleanerShark(S1000A) Steam Mop for Cleaning and Sanitizing
  4. Best multipurpose steam cleanerCOSTWAY Steam Cleaner
  5. Best powerful steam cleanerDupray Neat Steam Cleaner for Disinfection

What is a steam cleaner, and what can it do?

A steam cleaner is a machine that cleans surfaces by using steam. The heat of the steam loosens dirt which can then be removed with water or another solution. The machine sprays water and delivers steam through a hose and an attachment. It is an excellent tool for sanitizing surfaces and can be used to clean floors, walls, showers, or even your mattress! Steam cleaners are valuable cleaning tools that professionals, as well as homeowners often use.

Types of steam cleaners

Types of steam cleaners

You will find different types of steam cleaners, but only some can be used for sanitizing. The three main types are handheld, canister, and stationary.

Handheld models are best for quickly cleaning surfaces in your home. They are lightweight and easy to store when not in use. While the steam doesn’t last long, this type is suitable for small messes in kitchens or bathrooms.

Canister models are similar to handheld ones in that they are easy to carry around. However, the canister holds the water, so it does not need to be refilled throughout use. Canister steam cleaners are great for cleaning larger areas like your floors and walls without refilling them frequently.

Stationary models are the most powerful and effective for deep cleaning systems. These large machines are best for industrially-sanitizing your surfaces at home. They can clean your mattress, floors, walls or even sanitize your kitchen appliances.

Why is steam cleaning better than other cleaning methods?

Using steam to clean surfaces is more effective than traditional cleaning methods like using chemicals or soaps. Chemicals can be expensive, and they may also damage some surfaces. Soaps are watered down, which makes it difficult to remove dirt from porous surfaces. Steam cleaners eliminate these problems because they use heat instead of fluids to clean your surfaces.

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Steam is a natural disinfectant and kills 99.9% of germs with minimal exposure to chemicals. In the past, people sanitized their surfaces by using harsh chemicals which left residues behind. Now you don’t have to worry about any toxic residue on your kitchen counter or bathroom sink when you clean with steam!

Steam cleaners are also eco-friendly and save you money in the long run. You will no longer need to buy expensive cleaning fluids or other chemicals to clean your home. There is also less waste because you won’t have bottles of liquids or sponges lying around at the end of a cleaning session!

Which are the best steam cleaners for sanitizing?

Here is a short review of the best steam cleaners on the market for use in your home and outdoors.

1. BISSELL 2685A Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Steam Mop Cleaner for Sanitizing

BISSELL 2685A Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Steam Mop Cleaner for Sanitizing

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Our first pick is this Bissell 2685A Heavy Duty steam cleaner for sanitizing. It is a handheld steam mop that has up to 45 minutes of continuous cleaning before refilling.

This 3-in-1 steam cleaner is made to tackle whatever challenges your home may face; it’s up to you to name them! This powerful, high-temperature steam product can remove dirt, grime, grease stains, and mold across various indoor and outdoor surfaces. Gently cleanse your home without using dangerous chemicals or detergents! It comes with bristle brushes for scrubbing tough messes like baked-on food off of stovetops; brass bristles for tackling stubborn cooking spills left in the oven door gasket/rack; flat scraper tool for taking off paint or wallpaper that you don’t want anymore; angled concentrator tool for cleaning around corners and edges with precision; and a utility nozzle for removing grime from crevices.

With the power of steam, this Bissell cleaner allows you to engage in safe and effective cleaning without using any chemical residue and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in a matter of seconds! 


  • This product is versatile enough to clean any mess, including walls, floors, staircase, ceiling, and more!
  • It heats up quickly and is lightweight, so you can use it all over your home without tiring.
  • It is easy to refill, which makes it perfect for cleaning for longer durations.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty so that you can buy it with confidence.


  • The product does not work well on heavy stains, so you will need to perform multiple rounds of cleaning before getting rid of tough stains.

2. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing

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If you’re tired of buying industrial cleaning chemicals that won’t break down in rainwater or don’t do the deep-down dirty work that you need them to, then it’s time for a McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner.

Reduce your dependence on harmful chemical cleaners and get your home sparkling clean without harsh residues. With a wide range of surfaces from granite to grout, ceramic tile to sealed hardwood floor, there’s no task either big for this versatile steam cleaner.

The odorless steaming also eliminates pet stains from carpets and upholstery while sanitizing using only the power of hot water – good news for allergic looking to get back into their homes!

The large capacity water tank heats up below 8 minutes, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning. The McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is safe for use on most sealed hard floors when used as directed.


  • This product is environmentally friendly and leaves no after-odor.
  • It comes with different tools for sanitizing hard-to-reach surfaces, which makes it perfect for cleaning inside your home.
  • The product also has a pumice stone attachment which makes it possible to clean tough stains without damaging your flooring.
  • The machine has a long power cord, and the handle is adjustable to suit your height.


  • No cord storage means you might trip over the extra length of cord while cleaning floors.
  • Few attachment quality is not as good as you expect.

3. Shark(S1000A) Steam Mop for Cleaning and Sanitizing

Shark(S1000A) Steam Mop for Cleaning and Sanitizing

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Tackle household messes with the steam mop from Shark. Automatic water sensors, continuous steam tank level monitoring, and a quick-release cord make it been never easier to tackle tough jobs. S1000A can sanitize your floors without the need for chemicals of any kind. Effortlessly clean whatever you please – from sticky kitchen floors to grimy garbage can lids, even on or above carpets! Its swivel head captures more dirt and grite on demand, whichever way you hold it! The power of steam made easy with just water is perfect for all those hard-to-reach spaces where dirt likes to hide. See the manufacturer’s guide for details on how to use this innovative product.

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  • It comes with a year warranty, perfect for buyers who want to try out the product.
  • The product is small and can easily fit into compact areas and underneath furniture.
  • It is incredibly lightweight, so you won’t experience wrist fatigue while cleaning.
  • The product is versatile, allowing you to use it on any surface.
  • It heats up quickly and effectively, which makes cleaning a convenient task.


  • Noisy while operating, which makes it unsuitable to use on some surfaces.
  • The longevity of the product is below average.

4. COSTWAY Steam Cleaner

COSTWAY Steam Cleaner

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COSTWAY Steam Cleaner is the perfect enhancement to your home. From sofa smudges and kitchen spills, it’s tough enough for any job that needs a little scrubbing! Keep your life squeaky clean with COSTWAY Steam Cleaners – affordable powerhouses of cleaning convenience.

It is designed to go where steam is needed most, and this convenient cleaner offers powerful options at a great price, so you can tackle anything without needing extensive equipment or high-priced solutions. Its safely reaching temperature is up to 212 °F, and it has no problem getting rid of the dirtiest spots from any surface, thanks to its durable Dual Piston™ technology and adjustable water levels from hot vapor blast through a gentle steam spray.


  • It heats up quickly and can be used at any time without much issue.
  • It comes with a very long cord so that you can reach most corners of your home.
  • Its versatility allows it to be used on any surface.
  • The product is very safe to use and can be used with children around the house.


  • It is not suitable for adamant stains.
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty.

5. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner for Disinfection

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner for Disinfection

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Steam is a powerful way to clean and sanitize your homes, not to mention it’s an environmentally-friendly option! The Dupray Home Steam Cleaner offers you a premium kit with all the accessories you need for effective disinfection in up to 40 minutes of continuous steam cleaning time per fillup.

This cleaner can cut through grease on appliances, sinks, and cabinets with adjustable steam pressure and a super hot steam output of 293 degrees Fahrenheit. It also kills 99% of bacteria that may be lurking in your bathroom or kitchen.


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty, which is perfect for buyers who want to try out the product and see if it works according to their needs.
  • The cleaner has a very powerful motor and can clean heavy-duty messes with ease.
  • The cleaner is versatile and can be used on all surfaces.
  • It heats up quickly and can be used at any time.


  • The cleaner price is above average.
  • The mop handle is not long enough and difficult for tall people to use.

Which type of flooring is best suited for a steam cleaner?

There is a large variety of floor types, from hardwood to tiles and stone. The best steam cleaner for your surface will depend on these materials. You can’t use certain cleaners on certain surfaces because it could cause damage.

Check the manufacturer’s information about whether or not your steam cleaner can clean different surfaces before you start cleaning with it.

How often do I need to sanitize my surfaces?

You will need to sanitize your surfaces more frequently if there are many people in your home, if you have pets, or if someone is sick. If you clean your kitchen every day, you may only need to use a steam cleaner once per week. You can purchase several large canisters of cleaning fluid to save money over the long term. Otherwise, you may need to use a steam cleaner more frequently.

What are the benefits of using a steam cleaner for sanitizing?

There are many benefits to using a steam cleaner for sanitizing surfaces in your home! It is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to clean and disinfect your surfaces without leaving behind harmful residues. Steam cleaners are a modern and much more effective way to clean your home.

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How to choose the best type of steam cleaner for your needs?

Before buying a steam cleaner for your home, check out some consumer reviews on the brand or model that interests you to see what other users think about their purchase.

Different steam cleaner models have different features, so check out what is included with the model you choose to ensure it has everything you need. You may also want to think about attachments that can be used with your new steam cleaner.

A good steam cleaner will be easy to use and maneuver, cleaning all kinds of surfaces while leaving them clean and sanitized. Look for a model with variable steam output settings, so you can adjust the level to suit your needs.

Luxury vinyl floors and some other types of floors are not suited for steam cleaning. So consider it as well when you are in the market for steam cleaners.

Finally, check the warranty of any steam cleaner before making your purchase to ensure that it will be covered if any problems arise.

Tips on how to clean around the house with a steam cleaner

Learn how to use your steam cleaner for surfaces! Check the user manual or manufacturer’s website for specific instructions depending on your model of steam cleaner. Here is a general list of steps:

1. Clean the steam cleaner with white vinegar and water to remove any calcium deposits accumulated on it.

2. Fill the water tank or attach a bottle of cleaning fluid to your steam cleaner.

3. Test the steam settings and adjust them as necessary for different surfaces you are cleaning.

4. Turn it on and clean! Remember to use protectant gloves to ensure your hands stay clean.

5. Rinse the steam cleaner with clear water and dry it before storing it.

6. You can also try using the different attachments that come with your steam cleaner to clean surfaces like grout or carpeting!

Where to buy your new steamer online or in-store?

The best place to buy a new steam cleaner is from a major retailer, such as Amazon or Target. Many online retailers offer free shipping with your purchase and provide consumer reviews on the different models, so you can get a good idea of what people think about them before you buy.

Can I use a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs?  

Yes, but it is recommended that you use a steamer that is explicitly designed to kill bed bugs. These special steam cleaners are much more potent than your average household steamer. Keep in mind that this method will only kill the bed bugs on the surface of furniture or clothing, not their eggs.

Do steam mops really work?

Most users find it helpful and a time saver. They say that a steam mop is easier to use on a hard floor. Some users have said that they haven’t seen any significant difference in their floor after using a steam mop, but some believe this is because not all the dirt has been removed from the mop. Most of the users are satisfied with its performance.

Is there any affordable Steam Cleaner with Vacuum suction?

There are a few popular models of steam cleaners with vacuum suction, such as the Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner, which is available in the market and cost you around $230.

In Conclusion…

Steam cleaners are a great way to clean and sanitize your home. Consider the type of surfaces you want to clean, any attachments that might be useful, and warranty options before making your purchase.

Ideally, steam cleaner reviews will help you choose the best steamer for your needs. All the products here are tried and tested by the users so that you can trust them.

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Happy cleaning!