The 5 Best Recliner Sofa Set: Comfortable for Back & Neck Pain Relief

The Sofa is a perfect addition to the living room of the family and several users are always perplexed as per the best recliner sofa set to buy. Most sofas are designed for up to six people to sit, and they give beauty to the living room. You can set the Sofa in the living room before a big TV screen for family entertainment.

Like everything else, furniture in our houses also needs some renovation, and the reclining Sofa is exactly what you need. Whether you love to watch long plays on Television or you wish to smug into heavens of comfort after a long tiring day at work, this product will bring reality to your desires.

In this post, we shall review the best recliner sofa set from premier automotive seat manufacturers of durable sofas for a small and large family to relax with the help of reclining action. These Sofas are the best for all types of family gatherings. Some have armrests for each occupant to sit in a relaxed position while they don’t have. 

All the products are of a new style of entertainment, masterpieces, and with high quality and astounding features, which we will discuss below.

Top 5 The Best Recliner Sofa Set Reviews

1. Signature Design By Ashley Warnerton – Best Choice

Signature Design By Ashley Warnerton

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  • Type: Power Recliners
  • Armrest with flip-top Storage and cup holder
  • Adjustable Position with one-touch power switch
  • It conjointly comes with flip-top armrests
  • Adjustable Headrest with power
  • Has convenient USB port and Power cord included
  • Weight 277 Pounds
  • Distance between recliner and wall:7.75″ 
  • 2 years warranty
  • Material: Polyester & Polyurethane Upholstery
  • Dimensions: 39.4 x 82.8 x 43.8 inches

Manual recliners can sometimes be difficult to open, especially as they get older, but with the touch of a button, you can put your new sofa in your desired comfort zone.

By adding seating power, you have unlimited positions without the difficulty of the clamp handle. Power recliner sofas are the new products of the newly emerging technology of automation and sleek designing.

The power reclining sofa is widely known as the best recliner sofa set and it comes in a wide range of quality, shape, sizes, and designs. Without proper knowledge of what each type of sofa does, it can be challenging to make a wise decision when buying furniture. Power Reclining Sofa with Adjustable Headrest Chocolate Signature design by Ashley Warnerton is just the right choice for you.

The power armchair is a comparatively new arrival to the globe of furnishings. However, it has created an outsized impact. This Sofa is a piece of Power-based furniture, i.e., furnishings with organized and adjusted victimization controls and electrical mobilization instead of typical lever regulation.

If you think your living room requires some sort of refurnishing in terms of comfort and style, then Power Reclining Sofa with Adjustable Headrest Chocolate Signature design by Ashley Warnerton is among the best reclining sofas and just the right choice for you.

It is unique for its versatile design and adjustable headrest with single-touch power control and leather overall.

In addition to that, it will give you the best experience of home theatre in your living space. This set is covered in a chocolate durative cover and is made of class foam cushion interiors. The Warnerton Power Recline Collection is the best choice for any room in your home and is great for a charming family.

This multipurpose power reclining sofa also serves as one-touch power control, adjustable headrests with USB ports, and offers you the simplest seat within your living room environment. It comes with the benefit of a middle seat crafted with a drop-down table along with USB chargeable ports and twin cup holders. 

The astounding experience of a home theatre within your living space is considerably priced according to your comfort.Reclining sofa Signature Design by Ashley is your best choice if you are willing to treat your family with comfort and the highest quality of interior design.  

So, if you are planning for a comfortable, lively hood within the house then, the signature design Power recliner by Ashley Warrenton is the best fit for your desire, which comes in your range and gives you an attractive and unique living experience.


  • Electric controlledadjustable headset 
  • Fits through doorways 30 inches or wider
  • Its corners are properly stapled, glued & well Protected
  • Very Soft Cushion,Covered by polyester/polyurethane blend
  • Infinite position of the headrest


  • Dual recline out of three
  • Middle seat stationary

2. Seatcraft Anthem Home Theatre Sofa – Editor’s Choice

Seatcraft Anthem Home Theatre Sofa

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  • Type: Power Recliners
  • All reclining positions are controllable by a simple touch button.
  • Has an impressive fold-down table in the backrest of the middle seat.
  • Comprises two cup holders and an overhead light.
  • Comprises ambient Base Lighting.
  • Has wireless charger for charging a phone or via USB port.
  • The seat equipped with adjustable powered headrests.
  • This media system-cum-recliner designed with the best leather.
  • This seat has Hidden in-arm storage.
  • Has a 110 V AC power outlet.
  • Material: Top Grain Leather
  • Dimensions: 42 x 86 x 43 inches

Being the foremost manufacturer of comfortable chairs, mostly in automotive seating, since 1978, Seatcraft has indeed produced a marvel in the form of this Anthem Home Theatre Seating.

This product, a herald of the next generation in the entertainment industry, has a lot of exciting features and is widely rated among the best recliner sofa set.

Till now, it has been the norm to go to cinemas if you want to watch a movie on the big screens. Although the home theatre has existed, relatively very few people have used that facility due to numerous reasons, including high costs and less than stellar experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, the digital world of today has given us access to movies and other entertainment options on our screens—be they our computers, laptops, tablets, or cell phones.

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The Anthem Home Theatre Seating represents a middle ground between these two extremes; a comfortable blend of the thrill of watching movies on a big screen, and the ease and leisurely feeling of doing the same on your PC or other gadgets. It also contains a number of unique features that make the experience of using this seat even more memorable.

There is no need to bring a table nearby in order to put your snacks and beverage on, for this seat comes with its own inbuilt cup holders and a fold-down table. Similarly, it also contains the new and innovative QI system for wireless charging of your cell phone. 

Even if your cell doesn’t support wireless charging, there is a built-in interface that allows you to connect your charger into sockets built in the seat. There’s no more need to adjust your seat in easy reach of a socket, or charging a power bank beforehand in order to enjoy your show in a hassle-free manner.


  • Very comfortable seat with beautiful unique design.
  • Easy to assemble
  • In-arm storage solves the issue of putting small knick-knacks
  • The cup holders also are a very good accessory.
  • Unique the fold-down table


  • Little expensive
  • Little Slippery Snack table in the armrest

3. Sectional Reclining Sofa By Divano Roma – Best For Large Family

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  • Type: Manual Recliners
  • Material: Bonded Leather 
  • Dimensions: 38 x 85 x 31 inches
  • Extra-large sectional recliners
  • 2 ends recliner seats.
  • 6 people can Sit up easily
  • Corner sectional sofa
  • The dimension is even and well-tailored for user’s satisfaction
  • The luxurious design comes with arms pillows
  • At 64 inches, the length is rectilinear and offers maximum comfort for every family. The overstuffed seats give your family a nice gathering

Roma Bonded Leather Recliner Corner Sofa is the best thing for the living room of large and small families. This is the most durable and finest piece of comfort for a large and small family.

Being one of the best recliner sofa set, this Sofa comes in comfortable black faux leather, the most comfortable of leathers. It has the flexibility of pull-down drink holders in the back piece of the Sofa, it can be used as arms rest. The piece is divided into three parts for easy delivery. 

Large Bonded Leather Reclining Sofa -Divano Roma Furniture is an item everyone wants to have in their home. This facility is equally enjoyable by kids while watching their favorite cartoon program, and elderly members of the family enjoy the sip of coffee or their favorite drink while reading a book and enjoy the cozy feeling.

The luxurious design comes with arms pillows that are overstuffed to give that celebrity treatment to you, which you have always deserved. When feeling too lazy to go to bed, the stuffy pillow will give you the comfort of your cozy bed. 

The extra strength and beauty are given by the bold stitching to make this product durable and long-lasting. So, if you or your loved ones develop an attachment with the lovely sofa, do not worry because it will keep its promise to stay for lifelong with you.

The product is designed to meet the need of everyone from all walks of life.


  • Enough for large family.
  • Utilize your home corner.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable price
  • cushion depth to  comfortable.


  • Thin bonded leather, not real leather
  • Manual recliners

4. Faux Double Reclining Leather Sofa By Homelegance

Faux Double Reclining Leather Sofa By Homelegance

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  • Type: Manual Recliners
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Dimensions: 81 x 38 x 38.5 inches
  • The middle seatback comes with a drop-down cup holder.
  • The dual reclining feature.
  • Backs are removable.
  • The seat is 20.5″ from the floor.
  • It’s standard couch padding, not memory foam
  • Arms pillows are added on both ends of the sofa.
  • Support per seat 300 pounds

Having a comfy and extravagant life is not a dream anymore. Homelegnace faux double reclining leather sofa’ is all that you are looking for. It is simple, stylish, cost-effective, and made fit for your house. Getting all the comfort you deserve is your right by birth, then why not get it?

The ‘homelegance’ has experience of over 32 years in the manufacturing of home furniture that is full of luxury and elegance. The sofas and relaxing chairs are their most successful items, and they are delivered all around the world. 

There are many choices available in the market, but the reclining leather double sofa by ‘Homelegance’ has no match. Considering the durability, design, elegance, perfection, assemblage, price, and add-on, etc., it is a unique piece of the item that will make your house a home loved by all.

It is a beautiful reclining sofa made up of faux leather upholstered in brown color under high-quality manufacturing standards to meet the need of your everyday life. The most attractive feature if this product is its manual system. It is assembled with reclining handles at both arms so that you may enjoy the best experience of luxury.

Another attraction that has been assembled in this unique leather sofa is that the middles seat’s back is designed to drop down, having cup holders that add an extra flavor to your experience to relaxing and enjoy your leisure time.  

So, if you are heavy and feel that you cannot enjoy the perks like all, then try this product because it is designed to support weight up to 300lbs/seat means in total it can support 900lbs of weight. 

It is easy to assemble and is shipped in one box, so it is equally easy to carry from one place to another if and whenever you are on the move. It is the right type of furniture you need for your lounge, so don’t waste time exploring and get yourself the comfort for a lifetime.


  • It is extra comfortable and cozy.
  • Shipped in One Box, easy to carry
  • Cheap price.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Manual recliners
  • No storage place.

5. Signature Design By Ashley Hogan’s – Best Cheap Price

Signature Design By Ashley Hogan's

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  • Type: Manual recliners
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 96 x 44 x 42 inches
  • The dual-sided recliner
  • The Pull-tab reclining motion
  • Attached & fixed back and seat cushions
  • Adjustable headrest with long term comfort
  • The corner-blocked frame with metal reinforced seats and footrests
  • very resilient and soft cushions with well-blended poly fibers.
  • The middle seat is immovable
  • Polyester upholstery

Indulge yourself with maximum solace and leisure with Plush Recliner Chaise styled by Ashley Hogan.Its elegant design and high-quality materials that were upholstered to perfection, this Recliner Chaise surely fits your living room. It’s made to offer you a high level of comfort that certainly promotes relaxation while watching your favorite movie, reading your favorite book or simply taking your afternoon naps.

The reclining mechanism of Ashley Hogan’s Plush Recliner Chaise emphasizes a vast space for your needed comfort while enjoying your leisure timeThe stylish cushion is made of 100% microfiber polyester that is ideally upholstered to increase relaxation.

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It’s push back leaning action and the easy pull tab factor can add up to its reliable characteristic.The contemporary and distinctive design can fit well in any spot of your house.

The corner block structure of Plush recliner chaise was created to meet your comfy desires.The rigid back and soft seat cushions enhance its luxurious look. The Mocha colored recliner chaise has an increased foam resiliency.

Plush Recliner Chaise is exquisitely designed to level up a normal chaise lounge. Its modern and stylish contour exemplifies the combined glamour and solace in one contemporary piece of furniture. Ashley Hogan had gone the extra mile to create one of the best recliner chaises in the market nowadays.

So why not give yourself extra credit and pamper yourself a bit more. Try to relinquish and relax a little bit in your comfy Plush Recliner Chaise.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Fit through doorways 32” or wider
  • Easily lie down across the sofa
  • Durable and affordable price.
  • Very cozy & soft.


  • Not fully reclined.
  •  Manual recliners.

How Does A Reclining Sofa Work?

Many models of reclining sofas are available in the market and every model has its unique controlling method. A reclining sofa has a lever for better control. It consists of many springs that are installed in a metal frame. Such recliners have three different positions.

1. slightly reclined

2. mid-Range reclined

3. fully reclined

To set the recliner in the different positions a lever is given. It has a cord for the working mechanism which provides support during the change of position.The back of the sofa starts moving backward and simultaneously when the footrest start arising upward. One lock makes sure that soft does not move after setting it.

A standard switch-controlled chair contains a progression of springs appended to a metal casing. By and large, switch pulled chairs have three positions- – somewhat leaned back, completely leaned back and mid-run.

At the point when you pull the switch on the chair up to the main position, the switch pulls a string associated with the sliding edge and makes it open- – the back tilts in reverse a little and the footstool may lift. The seat is secured in the position. At the point when you move the switch to the following position, progressively pressure is added to springs.

Movements of Springs

Under the cushions of the reclining sofa, there is a frame that is attached to the several springs. These springs play a major role and help the reclining sofa to reinstate in the previous position.

The springs are appended to the casing and situated to enable the chair to come back to its beginning position. As the chair spreads out, the springs are extended and normally need to come back to their beginning states.

At the point when you sit up, the seat will start to close somewhat, and when you sit ahead and close the seat, the loop of the spring back up and the edge secures back in the first position

When you open the reclining sofa and spread it these springs are stretched. On the other hand, when you want to sit and adjust the settings they are again turned to their normal position. There is a heavy spring coil that is used for this task and helps the frame to be in different positions.


In some advanced models of the reclining sofa, hydraulics are used and they are connected with the electric motor.

All these things are built under the cushion so efficiently that you may even not feel them at all. By pressing the button, the electric motor starts its function and changes the shape of the recliner.

Change of Shape In Lever-Less Models

In some lever-less models, the functions are automatic. This means that you don’t have to press or use the lever to change the position.

The only thing that the user does is push it back to lean back. In the same manner, the recliner will come back in its normal shape when the user moves forward.

Switch Less Models

Switch less models permit you to lean back without utilizing a switch. Reclining on the seat pushes the casing back and permits you to lean back.

At the point when you lean forward, the pressure on the springs is calmed and they move back to set up. This makes the seat come back to its unique position.

Now think of the button pressed recliners, when you push the button. The frame reclines the pushing of the springs as explained above, and releasing the same button locks the springs in place.

The former human effort can be reduced by using electrical motors that only require a push of the button for the reclining to occur.

Buying Guide: Best Recliner Sofa Set

best reclining sofa reviews

Reclining sofas have been in the talks for decades now, due to their reclining quality and demand. The general reclining sofa is considered to have a backrest that moves back and a footrest that rises, creating an almost supine posture that can allow the user to even sleep.

However, in trend with the ever-improving technology, improvisations are being made in their features and designs. Reclining sofas have many types that are classified as per their positions, cost, and features. To select the best reclining sofa, you should consider the following aspects before you buy one:

Reclining Positions

Reclining sofas have many types, such as two-position, rockers, and risers. These are classified as per their reclining positions. E.g., two-position recliners have a movable backrest and footrest, rockers have a movable backrest only, whereas the risers help the user in standing up effortlessly. Hence you should choose the one that you need. 

Size & Space

Since many people live in compact houses/apartments, falling short of space is a real problem. Before buying a recliner, you should take note of its size and space it takes up so that it does not over-crowd your living room or get stuck through your door or the hallway. 

Build & Cover Materials

Before choosing a recliner to buy, you should take note of the materials used to build/cover it. Recliners are available in wood structure as well as metallic, affecting its weight accordingly. Similarly, if the household has kids, go for a durable covering e.g., microfiber, which is stainless & tears less


As recliners are constructed with strong materials to withstand the weight of the user, they should be padded well to provide comfortability. You should see its padding depending on your usage, in case the user is an old-age personnel/patient who must stay on it for long durations it should be well-padded.

Comfort Level

No product that you buy should cost you your comfort, neither physically nor mentally. Hence, before choosing a recliner, keep your convenience in mind i.e., the color scheme should match your lifestyle for mental comfortability, and the recliner should structurally match your usage requirements to provide physical comfort and ease.

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Additional Features

Due to everyday advancements, modern recliners come with many features to give you a better experience of ease. Recliners having remotes (to adjust the positions), pockets, internal heating pads, charging sockets,wireless charger and even cup-holders are available in the market. You should be choosing one as per your needs.

modern power reclining sofa


Durability in terms of build material, covering, and circuitry (if any) is necessary for recliners since they are regarded to be a one-time investment and cannot be bought again and again.

Before choosing a recliner to buy, you should ensure its durability so that your money is not wasted on maintenance

Ease Of Assembly

Numerous products out in the market seem awesome until it comes to their assembly. Incase of recliners, you should prefer buying one that requires least assembling or else buy it from a store/website that sends their own workers to assemble it so that the recliner is ready to use and risk-free.


Some websites and apps provide free/low-cost support for the products they sell. You should buy your recliner from an authentic place so that the maintenance is easy and timely, along with prior research as mostly ordering from abroad leads to the unavailability of the spare parts in your region.


Any product that comes with a durational warranty is beneficial for the user. This is as in any case of damage, immobility, functional disorder, or durability discrepancy within the warranty period. The company/outlet is ready to either refund or replaces the product. Since recliner is a piece of sophisticated machinery that may have issues, buying one with a warranty is highly suggested. 


If you go on looking for all the qualities mentioned above, you’ll have to pay loads of expenses since recliners are very costly. To make sure that what you buy is cost-effective, always compare recliners available at different places to have a fair idea and then buy one that fulfills your needs best.

The working of a recliner is a little complex than it is perceived. A manual recliner has springs attached to a metal frame that reclines into different positions when a lever or handle is pulled.

This in return pulls the sliding frame, opening the back and footrest. Since it has sprung, they tend to slowly return to their original position once the user sits up straight. The springs use the law of conservation of energy when functioning.

Lever-less recliners are also available, and they have similar springs like the traditional recliners, just without the levers. They recline when the user leans on the backrest. 

With technological advancements, automatic recliners are now available in the market. They are electrically powered, and instead of springs, they use motors, which slowly recline the chair when the ‘reclining button’ on the remote is pressed. The automatic recliner returns to its initial position similarly except that the ‘upright button’ is pressed.

Few Asked Questions

Are Reclining Sofas Worth It?

As recliners change their positions and help you change your posture as per your comfort, they are extremely good for resting your back even while sitting.

Since they are multi-purpose, i.e., can be used as an everyday relaxing spot after long office hours, for family television time, or even by people who are physically ill and need assistance in standing up, they are worth buying.

Provided they reduce effort and have many-in-one functions available, they certainly overcome their drawback of being costly as they are available in many types, it is easier to choose one that matches your requirements.

Are Reclining Sofas Bad For Your Back?

Recliners made by reliable and authentic makers provide good lumbar support to the lower back and prevent any gap when the footrest raises. Good recliners help maintain the back posture by fitting the body and rising feet above the heart level.

However, some companies build recliners that do not support the lumbar and strain the muscles at the back when the chair/ sofa is reclined. This may result in back pain. 

To avoid this, check your reclining sofa at different positions before you buy it to see if you experience any muscle stretch or tension at the back

How Long Should A Reclining Sofa Last?

On average, a recliner used daily lasts for about a decade, i.e., ten years. However, the lifespan of a reclining sofa depends on many factors. A recliner that is used more often would need a repair earlier than one rarely used, hence the frequency of usage matters.

Secondly, the way a recliner is used also makes a difference as one used by an elder would last longer than a recliner that has kids jumping on it. Placement is another factor that may affect as humid, dry, or sunny weather may wear out the covering e.g., leather.

Is Power Recliner Better Than a Manual Recliner?

As the name suggests, manual recliner needs human power to change positions, which may not be feasible for the elderly. However, a power recliner does not require a human effort but power supply, which again may cause a problem in times of power shortage.

The manual recliner provides 48 combinations of positions, whereas the power recliner has infinite. Manual recliners are lighter in weight than power recliners, hence, easily movable. The power recliners, however, come with many additional features like the heat and massage, which make it more expensive than the manual, but the comfort it provides outgrows its cons.

What Is The Best Brand Of Reclining Sofas?

Previously, Androver mills, red barrel studio, and Divano Roma furniture are ranked as the best reclining sofa and have been the leading brands of reclining furniture. However, The Seatcraft Omega Home theater sofa is Amazon’s best selling as per the 2020 reviews.

The covering is of a leather gel along with powered headrests that recline accordingly. The sofa has an in-built fold-down table with USB charging ports, hidden arm storage, tray table, and cup holders. It is hard to mention one best brand as firstly, people give different reviews for different products by the same brand, and secondly, the reviews keep on changing from time to time.

*** Do you know how to clean sofa at home without professional cleaner? 


Recliners can be bought from furniture stores as well as they can be ordered online. The only few things you need to keep in mind before ordering or buying a recliner are the ones mentioned above in order to have the best experience you would want at the most reasonable price.

We have also tried to answer all the frequently asked questions related to recliners so that you have a clear idea of the product even before you go to buy it. No wonder that these products are one of the best recliner sofa sets and the bestsellers, as they provide ease and cures all the possible work stress, hence, they are definitely a must-have at your homes.